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The latest culinary project entrusted to the NIU team is Gululu, an informal eatery in St Julians, which serves up excellent Maltese dishes for extremely reasonable prices. Situated in Spinola bay, St Julian’s, right on the water’s edge, Gululu has a great atmosphere, which is reinforced by fast, friendly and courteous service.

Gululu’s website is easy to use and access for everyone; both users and Kitchen Concepts staff who are behind Gululu, the Chophouse, and many other successful catering establishments in the Maltese Islands. The site uses a simple, yet striking, orange and blue colour scheme, and a 360° visual of the restaurant and the views across Spinola Bay. This was created using a high powered camera and coded in Flash. In the mobile version of the site a set of photos is shown instead of the 360° visual , thus rendering the site in a mobile browser friendly manner.

The new Gululu website is based on NIUportal, which is the Content Management System (CMS) customised by NIU, and also includes the capacity to update and change the huge Maltese style menu. NIUsletter, the bulk emailing system which allows Gululu to communicate with their clients and newsletter database, is also included within the website through a simple, 3 field registration form. The news section is also easily updated through the CMS.

Reservations for meals at Gululu can be placed through the new site, whereupon they are confirmed by phone or email as promptly as possible.

The new site is also linked directly to the Gululu Facebook page, RSS feed, and TripAdvisor.com page upon. An embedded Google Map also displays the restaurant’s excellent location on the site.

With a philosophy of serving quality Maltese cuisine while being affordable to all, it is said best on the website; ‘Basically we’re easy.’ Gululu , always a pleasure.

Features used


Websites developed by NIU aren’t just amazing to look at but they also work seamlessly too. We are proud to use Wordpress as the Core CMS. The CMS infrastructure will empower you to maintain your own content and gives you full control to publish your latest news in minutes. The modular CMS includes a number of unique features such as multiple users, WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), multimedia content, Web 2.0, User tracking, SEO amongst other notable aspects. Intensive user training and a collection of users manuals will give you the skills and knowledge you need to confidently master your website.

Custom Module

Our dynamic team of developers build custom modules based on a client’s objectives and preferences ensuring that a business website can present absolutely any solution under the sun.


Customers visit websites from a variety of different devices and screens and expect to enjoy the same stunning website experience each and every time therefore to best support their experience, NIU websites work perfectly on a variety of different devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

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