WordPress development by NIU - the most popular and reliable CMS in the world.

WordPress is the easiest to use, most flexible, secure, trustworthy, functional, and powerful open-source Content Management System (CMS).

Did you know? WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS powering 35% of all websites on the Internet, having a 60% market share in the CMS market. Each month, over 400 million people visit WordPress sites.

At NIU we make personalised WordPress websites designed to suit your needs. Our development experts choose WordPress as our go-to CMS because of its functional and feature-rich themes and plug-in solutions, which can be fully customised and tailored to a variety of individual requirements. Plus, a WordPress CMS gives our clients the freedom to take control of the management of their website without having to rely on third parties.

Stand out with well-designed customisable themes.

Whichever industry you operate in, no matter the size of your enterprise or requirements, we will prepare a beautiful, professional, and functional website tailored to your needs. We customise the chosen WordPress design theme to suit your business' aims and objectives.

We also apply a number of WordPress theme developments to ensure a longer website lifespan. Additionally our modular development process ensures flexibility, allowing you to phase your investment and website development in a manner that suits you.

Our 3 steps to Custom CMS Web Development.

We will walk you through the WordPress development process every step of the way.

Set up, training and ongoing maintenance for your WordPress website are just the core steps of the process. Our inhouse experts will guide you throughout the entire process, including in how to evolve your website over time. NIU specialise in developing websites in a modular manner. This means you can plan improvements even post-launch - without having to re-develop certain parts of your current website.

Our Technologies.

We work our magic with these collaborative tools.

Say hello to WordPress 5.5 website builder.

WordPress 5.5 ‘Eckstine’ is the latest and most comprehensive version of WordPress. With this release, your website is enhanced in three major functional areas:

  • Search - WordPress 5.5 websites work better with search engines. Good page-speed will result in your website ranking higher in search engine rankings. Moreover, WordPress 5.5 includes an automatically-generated XML sitemap that helps search engines crawl your websites easily.
  • Speed - Thanks to lazy-loaded images, posts and pages are faster. Lazy loading means that images load until they’re just about to scroll into view. Thus WordPress image optimisation strongly influences overall web performance, giving your story a better impact.
  • Security - WordPress 5.5 allows you to update plugins and themes automatically through the enabled passing of data to template files.
  • Upload - Another new feature allows the updating of plugins and themes via uploading ZIP files which makes the process much easier and faster.

Like that's not enough, there's more! You will also discover new features in the block editor. The list is long as it includes several UI improvements, features, enhancements and bug fixes affecting various aspects of the editing experience. Here are our favourite improvements based on usability, functionality and performance:

  • Simplified Block Toolbar - allows you to navigate the interface even easier;
  • New block patterns - allow creating complex, beautiful layouts, using combinations of text and other formats;
  • New block directory - allows you to easily find the block you need;
  • Inline image editing - allows you to crop, rotate, and zoom your photos right from the image block.

Get the most out of WordPress with our WordPress maintenance and support packages.

Your website creation is only the first process. We provide the service and tools that you need to keep growing. When it comes to effective, immediate quality support, we’re at the top of our game. From daily back-ups to 24/7 critical and emergency support, you can count on us as your partners throughout. Choose one of our WordPress maintenance and support packages and have your mind at rest.