Brilliant web design that grow your business.

Smart web design and development cleverly combines beauty and function. User-oriented and conversion-focused, we create innovative and impactful interactive environments that drive results.

Just consider that your web design is the digital face of your company. Whether it’s a business website showcasing products and services, or a portfolio website showcasing your talents, you want to define your online presence in a website that:

  • Distinctly represents your brand (Branding)
  • Looks visually appealing and inviting (Beauty)
  • Keeps users engaged (UI/UX)
  • Leads prospects down a conversion funnel (Function)
  • Is reliable and up-to-date (Support)
  • Ranks organically on search engine results pages (SEO)
  • Is easy to update and manage (WordPress CMS)

NIU’s website solutions tick all these boxes and more. The experienced team at our web design company leaves nothing to chance. According to our web designers and web developers, here’s why these considerations are important for any new website.

WordPress is our weapon of choice.

WordPress is our weapon of choice because it gives our clients the freedom and flexibility to take full control of the management of their website without having to rely on third parties.

When it comes to e-commerce, our API driven e-commerce solutions are considered to be ‘best in class’ because of their security, stability, and scalability.

Our Web Design & Development Process

We can handle anything from custom web design, UI/UX design and mobile application development to graphic design, digital marketing and SEO. Yet our website development process is simple. These are NIU’s six steps to web design brilliance.

1 :: Web Design Kickoff Meeting

Tell us about your aspirations for your brand’s online presence, your preferred aesthetic and your objectives. Let us define the scope of your project, USPs, your brand’s key messages and set measurable goals. Together, we conceptualise your digital product, including brand identity, web design, mobile and app development, UI & UX, infrastructure and functionality.

2 :: User & Market Research

Whether you have a well-established brand presence or you’re just starting up, we define your target audience and conduct market research to gain a solid understanding of your industry - your market, your competition and the latest trends. We gain valuable information regarding the ‘what, for who, why and how’ to take into account during the web design process.

3 :: Design Process

Now that we know the concept, the client and the competition, we can dive into the design process. Our web designers create mood boards to establish the theme and style. The sitemap and site architecture are established and our web developers create a working prototype of the core pages, with the navigation process tested for the best user experience.

4 :: Design Review

The ball is now in your court. It’s time for your feedback and suggestions. But here’s a fun fact: we invest so much time in steps 1-3 that more often than not, no changes are required. Once you give us the green light, the design is sent to the web development team so they can work their magic.

Fun fact - We invest so much time in Step 1 that nine times out of ten there are little or absolutely no changes which are requested at this stage.

5 :: Testing

Before the big launch, you can view the website on a staging server with a secure link. Testing functions, features and interactivity is crucial, because this is when any tweaks can be implemented before going live for your audience. This is also when we include the content and optimise the pages for SEO, set up analytical tools and set up redirections from urls of an existing website.

6 :: Going Live

Once we have a website that truly represents your brand, whose form and function meets your expectations and that of your users, and that can be found by search engines, it will serve your business and help it grow. But don’t let it just sit there. We can handle your hosting, technological updates, security and backups. We can monitor the site’s performance, optimising speed and user experience. We can implement powerful digital marketing tactics and assess usage statistics. We can go as far as you want us to.

What’s next?

Whatever your needs: an attractive brochure website, a slick corporate web presence, complex information portals in multiple languages, or advanced e-commerce shopping sites, with or without custom web or mobile applications, NIU is your one stop shop. Don’t miss out on the experience and expertise of one of the foremost web design and development companies in Malta.

Are you ready to step up?


Your brand has personality and your website must exude the same charm. Some website visitors may actually be meeting your brand for the first time. You want them to like you. You want them to stay. You want them to hang out and interact with you. You want to build life-long relationships with them. So show yourself. Brand loyalty begins with expert showcasing of your brand, starting from your domain name right down to your digital marketing.


Make your website easy to navigate. Make it fun to use. Keep visitors interested and make them curious for more. Gone are the days when just having a website was itself a victory. These are times when great importance is given to the User Interface and User Experience. After all, if users bounce out, they may never come back. And did you know that reducing bounce rates also gives you SEO brownie points? 


When it comes to selling online, you want e-commerce solutions that are unsurpassed in their security, stability and scalability. Our API driven e-commerce solutions perfectly fit that criteria. And if you hadn’t considered taking your brick-and-mortar store online so far, now is a good time! We can also handle the EU ERDF grants on your behalf.


There’s no point in having a perfect website if nobody stops by. That’s like having the perfect shop window on an empty road. You want search engines to drive organic traffic to your website, so we ensure that not only users but also Google will love it. We go all the way to ensure that the coding is perfect, the content is perfect and the search engine optimisation is perfect all the way.

Google tools

We set you up with Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can monitor your website’s performance and digital marketing efforts. Note that it is usually worth the ROI (return on investment) to support organic traffic with paid traffic, and that’s when Google Adwords also comes in handy. Online marketing campaigns are designed to hook your target audience and turn them into customers. If you need a hand with digital marketing strategy, we can help you with that too. 



Stand out and make clients want to step in. Beauty and charm go hand in hand, then, who can resist? Visually appealing web design and creative copy go a long way in keeping visitors hooked. In addition, responsive design that looks great across all kinds of digital devices will ensure mobile device users will love the look of your website too. 


If you’re in business, you want to sell. You want users to hit that crucial button to buy or get in touch. Cleverly designed websites will implement conversion optimisation, directing leads down a conversion funnel to get the ball rolling. Need a custom web application or perhaps a mobile app to support your website? Our web developers specialise in those too, using the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure clean code and solid infrastructure.

Website support and maintenance

Behind the scenes, you want everything to work seamlessly: your page loading speed, your shopping cart, everything. Your website will need updates, backups and the odd tweak to this and that. Our reliable website maintenance and support ensure you never experience glitches in the functionality of this important internet portal to your enterprise. In addition, we provide reliable website hosting and maximum security for minimum concern.

Online marketing

SEO is crucial but there’s more. Don’t overlook social media and other free traffic. Simple on-page additions, such as social media icons for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, gain you more free traction through recommendations. Add a subscribe option for your e-newsletter and genuinely interested prospects can sign up to stay connected with your business.

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS is an easy solution to a hands-on approach to digital marketing and website management. Within an ever-changing scenario, you want your marketing team to be able to make content updates easily, simultaneously and instantly with a CMS (Content Management System). The most widely-acclaimed is WordPress, and we happen to specialise in WordPress theme development and template customisation to bring out your brand’s unique style and flair.

Our Technologies.

We work our magic with these collaborative tools.

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