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The Top 10 things your website will need

the guide to building the perfect website

for The Top 10 things your website will need at NIU Ltd.

NIU has been on your radar for a while and you’re confident that the team will develop, design and help you implement a solid strategy which will make this investment an awesome one. Here are ten points we’ll be discussing during our consultation – consider this a heads-up!

1. A catchy URL 

Make sure it makes sense of your business, doesn’t have any strange spelling and is available on all social media platforms. Name Vine is a great resource for seeing what’s available.

2. User Experience

We’ll make sure that your website’s user experience will entice clients to make purchases, recommend to their friends, drive traffic and become regular visitors. From your end, think about all the content you’d like to include so that our team will be able to create a wire-frame – a visual guide of your website.

3. Business Information

Let’s say you’re about to open a beautiful restaurant – you have an incredible chef on board, an amazing venue, a super concept and a scrumptious menu – all this information has to be communicated crystal clearly on your website. Your site must present all the information clients could possibly look for, contact information is crucial.

4. Images

Think of all of your favourite websites  – the thing they have in common is beautiful imagery. Our team can guide you in terms of the best photography to use. Always make sure that the person responsible for your photography keeps in mind that you’ll need a collection of photos for your website too. If needs be we can also help you ourselves.

5. Clear Navigation

At the initial stages, we’ll ask you what you want people to do on your website. Do you want prospective clients to place an order? Email you for a quote? Become a member? It is important for you to set clear goals and make sure that you can support these aims.

6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The logic behind SEO is simple – what is out of sight will be out of mind very soon. We will help you to ensure that your website ranks well on all major browsers. In achieving this blog writing plays an important role. The more quality content you post to your website on a consistent basis, the higher the probability that you will rank well. We will train you in making use of the best techniques to achieve this.

7. Digital Marketing

Your marketing plan will include strong content-driven campaigns on different social media channels so it’s smart to get your socials ready before your website is actually launched. Use social media channels to create strong awareness campaigns for your booming brand in order to drive traffic towards your website. This will finally boost your SEO.

8. FAQs

You can start building your FAQs before our work on your website begins. Keep in mind that people have lots of questions and want instant answers so a strong FAQ section will help you quicken the purchasing process and will save you lots of time too. In our books an FAQ section is vital.

9. Mobile Responsive

The majority of website traffic is now through mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as opposed to desktop computers. The website will be designed mobile-first, meaning that mobile responsiveness will be at the forefront of our creative endeavours.

10. Security

Your customers need to feel secure when they are using your website. We’ll make sure to secure your site with an SSL certificate. Should you be selling online, we will make use of the latest technologies in online payment such as 3D Secure 2.0.

Here’s what’s next – come on over!

Would you prefer coffee, tea, a beer or maybe a glass of wine? Whichever you choose, we’ll treat you like royalty from the very first meeting all the way up to your website launch, and beyond. We’re excited to meet you, contact us to kickstart this exciting phase in your business and we can’t wait to celebrate this milestone moment for your brand.

Our promise to you

When it comes to design, our websites are easy on the eye and. When it comes to development we’re on top of our game. We’ll translate your vision into a powerful and beautifully designed website which you’ll be proud of.