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The NIU team travels to Vienna for WordCamp Europe, 2016

The NIU team travels to Vienna for WordCamp Europe, 2016

The NIU crew back from this year’s WordCamp Europe which was held on Friday 24th June 2016 in the glorious city of Vienna. During this year’s edition, the team had the chance to get their hands dirty and meeting the people who make WordPress so awesome.

WordCamp Europe is an annual global conference dedicated to WordPress and gives the European WordPress community a chance to gather together in a new beautiful location to share experiences, do business and keep themselves updated with the wonderful world of WordPress. During this year’s edition the NIU team participated in a two day conference featuring valuable presentations about development, design, UX, community, marketing, performance, trends, Open Source, business, in the context of WordPress.

‘Keeping ahead of the game means that we need to inspire, motivate and invest in our talented team of of designers and developers. During this year’s WordCamp our team rubbed shoulders with world giants and really brought their A Game. It was a super learning experience and the team is back with bigger ideas and more dynamic than ever before’ Matthew Sammut, NIU’s co-founder shared.

More information about this year’s edition may be found here.