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Why are Modules so Important for Your Website?

the importance of website modules

The different modules that can be used for your website development and why they are so beneficial to incorporate them into your website.

Web services and industries are constantly evolving to favour faster development and simpler design. Leading this spectrum is the importance of website modules. A number of industries, from the media & entertainment industry to corporate and development, have been at the forefront of adopting modular design. Here at NIU, we have always encouraged it when designing and developing websites for all industries. Your business should be next! 

Today, we are here to tell you all about the importance of website modules and why your business website should have them.

What are Website Modules?

Modules are website components that is made up of ‘generic’ elements. They were originally simple elements that are like building blocks to create pages. However, our modules go way beyond that. Our modules will help your business stand out from the crowd and have a fully functional website. 

Website modules bring forth new and improved elements to your websites and they provide added functionality, especially if you own an eCommerce business and website.

The important of website modules with eCommerce websites

Online shopping is constantly growing which means that including added functionality to your eCommerce website is not only useful but essential to stay on top of your competition. Here at NIU, we have a variety of modules that will ensure that you can make the most of your customers’ presence online.

for Why are Modules so Important for Your Website? at NIU Ltd.

Product Modules

Include as many products or offered services as you want. You will be able to provide the necessary information about your products, show images, galleries and/or videos. We have all that you need to make your products stand out to your clients. 

Another module relating to products includes product comparisons in which customers can compare products to purchase the item which is more appropriate for them. You can even choose to show related products that complement the product that your customer intends on purchasing. This will encourage clients to purchase more. 

You can even show customer feedback directly on the product page. Your customers are more likely to purchase an item if they can see and read good reviews about it.

Easy Payment and Checkout Process

the importance of website modules

Having a quick and easy checkout process will simplify the act of buying. Through our quick checkout module, customers will not be required to remember usernames or passwords. This makes their lives simpler and their purchases quicker. 

Of course, safety and security when it comes to payment should always be at the top of your list. Make sure that you have an SSL certificate that will prove that you always value your clients’ personal information.

Stock Management

You can also have modules that will help you organise and maintain your stock organisation. You can track stock levels, get notifications for low and/or out-of-stock items, hide out of stock items, and more. You can also integrate directly with your own Stock Management System.

Why Additional Modules Can be Useful for Your Online Business

Apart from eCommerce modules that might look and feel essential for your online business, you can also opt for additional modules which you can add straight away or modify later. A multilingual module might be the right move for your business if you are planning to attract foreign customers. 

You can also choose to focus your energy on newsletter marketing. If this is the case, our Newsletter System module will bring music to your ears. This module can manage your list of customers, remove unused emails, send and track emails, clicks and open rates, while also providing you with personalisation and data. 

You can also choose social media modules such as our social media integrations or our social one-click login module. The latter will allow users to access their account on your website through a social media login which is faster and easier. 

Other modules include a Chat module, a GDPR Compliance module and an SEO module. 

All these website modules, and more, will prove to be essential for your business. The importance of website modules goes way beyond aesthetics. Modules are there to add function and take your business to the next level.

Are you ready to discuss your website modules? Let us know and we can have a chat over coffee to decide which modules will give your business cutting-edge.

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