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Critical Insight to The Future of eCommerce


The ever-changing landscape of eCommerce was always exciting, but COVID-19 has changed online shopping forever. The eCommerce market is expanding and becoming bigger and brighter than ever. It has skyrocketed during the pandemic around the world. It is estimated that worldwide retail eCommerce sales will reach a new high by 2021. According to Statista, eCommerce businesses are expected to reach a 265% growth rate, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021. This shows a future of eCommerce is a steady rising trend with no signs of decrease.

What’s the new normal for eCommerce?

eCommerce has expanded vastly over the last two decades. It has made life far more convenient for buyers and created all kinds of new chances for various businesses. Lockdown has been an enormous catalyst for shifting behaviours to embrace the future of eCommerce, the pandemic accelerated years of growth in just weeks. 

Isolation, travel bans, and retail closures caused our offline spending to shift online. Products that in a pre-covid era were rarely purchased online are now eCommerce consumer staples. Of course, immediacy, convenience, and speed are still top consumer demands. But since the eCommerce space is much more crowded, businesses have to adjust more deftly to the consumers’ changing behaviours, be far more competitive, and deploy effective customer retention strategies. But how to do that? It’s done by choosing the best eCommerce solution that will enhance competitiveness and grow the revenue online.

How to stand out in the new reality of eCommerce? We have a few tips you should follow.

1. Mobile Shopping is on a rise

50% of digital buyers conduct purchases via smartphones. It means your website and eCommerce platform should be optimised for mobile and be as user friendly as possible. Creating a mobile app is also something that can be taken into consideration. Consumers expect to easily navigate through a website otherwise they get discouraged and choose the competition. Moreover, customers are not just buying online, but they are also closely investigating the products. It is important to make sure that the mobile version of your website shows any important product features, benefits, and addresses any possible inquiries that a buyer may have before finalising a purchase.

2. Aesthetics is the queen

Customers want to see exactly what they are purchasing. Make it happen. Use imagery and beautiful content to ensure that the online shopping experience is as close to the real one, where you could see, hear, feel or smell the product taking it straight from the shelf in the store. By imagery, you will convey exact product specifications and make it as tempting as it deserves.

3. Secure and innovative payment methods

The majority of online customers use either a virtual wallet-like solution or their credit cards to make their online payments. Offer a number of secure payment methods and be sure that these options for a buyer can take sales right into your cart. A new payment method is on the horizon as it is predicted that in the very near future you will be able to add Bitcoin as a payment method.

4. Superb digital experience is a key

Both brands and consumers rushed online. Nearly 150 million people were buying online for the first time in the pandemic, and the number of eCommerce shoppers will only continue to grow. You should also remember that now it is the consumer who is in control. Buyers expect speed, convenience, free shipping, secure payments, easy, personalised, agile and a holistic shopping experience. It is a good idea to automate discounts and promotions. You may offer buy-one-get-one-free (BOGOF), gifts or discounts, and tiered pricing for bulk purchases. Rethink the check-out experience as well. The faster and the more effortlessly you make it to check-out, the more money you can make. 

Take some time to see our top-performing eCommerce sites

Mġarr Farms eCommerce website
Road to Belle eCommerce website

5. Humanise the buying process

Personalised experiences will be a priority. And what is the solution? The dynamic website content is powered by real-time behavioural analytics to help people customise their shopping journey and offer personalised experiences with a human touch. Plus, 48% of buyers actually spend more money with a company when they’re provided with a personalised shopping experience. So build direct relationships with your customers, let it be via content, email or curated discount codes.

6. Find the best solution for your eCommerce business

Ecommerce is at an all-time high. But not all eCommerce newcomers have the infrastructure in place to deliver a world-class customer experience. Going from a small business to an enterprise-level and gain your online market share, you need a competing eCommerce solution. The eCommerce platform you choose determines the capabilities of your website, its design and functionalities. Scalability is crucial to your business’s long-term future, so we’ll be sure to develop a platform that has the possibility of growing in line with your brand capability. With plenty of function-rich, out-of-the-box features and seamless third-party integrations, NIU can bring the eCommerce magic to your brand and help turn your online business into a huge success, generating sales wherever you desire.

Our eCommerce solutions are beautifully designed, mobile-friendly, optimised to convert with strategic user experience, safe and lightning-fast. We believe in WooCommerce as it is the best eCommerce platform for building your online enterprise. WooCommerce platform allows creating eCommerce websites that blend ease of use with incredible power, flexibility, speed, security, as well as additional brilliant features that can be adapted to your business needs and help to deliver a personalised customer experience. Our eCommerce solutions also give you the ability to manage stock and run promotions whilst providing secure payment gateways which incorporate multiple currencies.

Join the best of the best

As more and more businesses join the eCommerce bandwagon, customers will have almost unlimited access to the multitude of brands at their fingertips. This means you have to be sensible, creative, and innovative enough to stand out from the crowd. The right design and development team will help elevate your eCommerce brand using game-changing solutions. When the difference between a sale and no sale could be as simple as the right imagery or as complex as a new website. We can help you manoeuvre in the complicated eCommerce space and maximise your return on investment here at NIU!

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