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Still weighing the pros and cons of building an online store?

Still weighing the pros and cons of building an online store?

This will help you make up your mind

The results are in. The world is celebrating another incredible record and if you’re still weighing the pros and cons of investing in an online store or making your website mobile friendly this blog post is a must read.

According to Adobe’s Digital Insights Report for 2016 €3.1billion dollars were spent online on Black Friday, setting a new record which surpasses the three billion dollar mark for the very first time. This marks a 21.6% increase over last year. And that’s not all, an outstanding €1.1billion dollars of this revenue was spent from mobile devices – that’s a super 33% growth. So everyone, this year, to be precise on November 25th 2016 -we all made retail history because sales from mobile passed the billion dollar mark – and that’s an all-time first.

And if you’re one of those budding business leaders who thinks that millennials have no cash in hand, think again because according to Adobe, eight out of 10 millennials made purchases over the holiday weekend.

Now there’s no need to panic. The NIU team has your back. We’ll design and develop your website ensuring that it pushes functional limits and mirrors your brand’s strength and image. We’ll also help you build an online sales strategy which will knock your sales out of the park during 2017.

Let us know when you’d like to come over for a coffee and a chat. We’ll get your action plan set so you can start the new year better and bigger than ever. Drop us a line on [email protected] and tell us when you’re free.