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Provide online security with HTTPS

for Provide online security with HTTPS at NIU Ltd.

Privacy and security are integral aspects for anyone that is using the internet.

We all value the discretion and security of our internet browser searches, our personal information, and also our financial information when conducting online purchases. Unfortunately, not many users are aware that websites that utilise only Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) are not encrypted, so these can be more susceptible to intrusion by third parties.

This is where HTTPS comes in handy, with the ‘S’ standing for ‘Secure’. HTTPS provides two-way encryption of a website, imparting confidentiality to anyone accessing the site by blocking others from entering, as well as integrity so that any data cannot be modified without the user’s knowledge.

HTTPS has become such an important component of websites that it is currently a top priority for Google. Not only does the company ensure that all of its services run on HTTPS, but it is also actively seeking to make the Internet safer on a broader scale. In fact, Google rewards websites that operate HTTPS with better rankings in its searches, since they are essentially safer than websites that simply use HTTP.

No matter if a client is looking up information on your website, purchasing something from your online shop, or even just browsing through your portfolio, they need to do so over a trusted connection. HTTPS websites make use of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, which when active is indicated by a green padlock icon in the internet browser address bar.

In addition, the most commonly used Internet Browser such as Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer will also push consumers out of a website if there is any suggestion that it may be unsafe. SSL certification has indeed become the golden standard of any business, so it is imperative that companies add this functionality to their website.

How can we help?

The great news is that our development team at NIU has created numerous websites that incorporate SSL certification. We take pride in creating great products, and we make sure to tailor our websites to meet optimal security standards which guarantee that any user is at ease when visiting a web page or conducting their online purchases.

So, whether it is designing your dream E-Commerce website, or simply setting up of SSL certification for your company web page, NIU is always up for the task.