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Notte Bianca

Notte Bianca


NIU Ltd have been confirmed as the official web design and development partners for Malta’s most popular and highly awaited yearly celebration ‘Notte Bianca – Lejl Imdawwal 2013’ which will be celebrated in our capital city, Valletta, on the 28th of September 2013. Notte Bianca, Malta’s ‘Lejl Imdawwal’ is an annual all night cultural initiative of various countries around the world and which has become increasingly popular in the Maltese islands.

‘The event sees Valletta become an ‘open city’ of culture – cultural venues, state palaces ad museums open their doors almost all night with many visual art exhibitions dance and theatre performances. All art and music forms, from classical to pop and contemporary are represented. Thousands of locals and foreigners are part of this magical night and this year will be no exception. NIU are proud to be chosen as the official web development partners for this prestigious event and we are happy to add a cultural celebration landmark and such a loved brand name to our portfolio.Together with the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts we have already launched this year’s landing page with a first call out directed to artists who would like to participate. We will do our utmost to make sure that Lejl Imdawwal 2013 will be another record breaking edition’ Matthew Sammut, creative director NIU Ltd concluded.

Artists interested in taking part in this year’s edition may visit www.nottebiancamalta.com for more details