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NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 – Celebrating

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When COVID-19 became part of our new reality, the eCommerce world was put to the test and our award-winning clients raised the online shopping bar stupendously. This brand continues to prove that in challenging times, innovation and stamina are the secret ingredients to business success and this is just one reason why we’ve welcomed to our family of eCommerce AllStars. 

Spotlight on is setting new benchmarks in the local gift-giving arena by offering its fast-growing community of clients the ability to roll up their creative sleeves and design their own products from the comfort of their home. Their eCommerce strength was celebrated by MCA in June 2019 –  together with our very own NIU team, they were given the title of the ‘Best eCommerce site (B2C)’ almost 9 months before COVID-19 took over the online shopping world.  

Celebrating new milestones

Fast forward to Feb 2020, announced their 100% shift to online promising that their customer journey would be epic more than ever before. Just days before COVID-19 stole the news spotlight, this creative team launched Ribelli, Malta’s very own fashion brand focusing on funny and inspirational messages on high-quality T-Shirts, in you guessed it, Maltese. 

ecommerce allstar tink shop

The 3 Cs – Clarity + Creativity + Consistency

With two major announcements in a very short time span kept their upbeat motivational posts consistent, their message clear and their creative muscles pumped. Their social channels align to their brand’s message perfectly and their call to action works like a charm. Their ‘How to Order’ step by step page is inviting, clear and gets clients all excited to finalize their very own creation. 

The customer’s right to chose

They have not one, not two, but three delivery options to choose from so basically clients have a choice – and this makes this brand a winner. Their ‘Express Service’ is genius and the perfect option for last-minute buyers. They’re exceeding delivery expectations.

Understanding customer needs. Acting fast.

 Their Fast Buys page is gold because it gives clients the chance to pick any of this brand’s most favourite gifts in just a few minutes. Their Mother’s Day collection was beautiful and rumour has it that their plans for Father’s Day are just as stunning. There’s more, launched a one-of-a-kind cushion which has become a signature gift sent to loved ones and friends during the hardships of the COVID-19. The ‘tghanniqa mimlija mhabba’ cushion has become a local favourite – a way to show love, compassion and kindness. 

So what separates the awesome ones from all the rest?’s team are definitely no longer the new kids on the block. Actually, this hardworking bunch is considered to be one of Malta’s pioneers when it comes to customizable elegant gift ideas which are collectables and touch hearts. This NIU client proves that when creativity meets business smarts success is born. 

Congrats, welcome to NIU’s family of AllStars.

Shifting The Tink Shop online has helped us reach levels and audiences we never imagined we could. By implementing a semi-automated workflow we are able to reduce our B2C turnarounds by up to 80%, giving us the opportunity to focus our resources on enhancing our services and scaling the business.

-Sam Dalli, Director The Tink Shop

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