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NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 – Celebrating The Master Cellar

ecommerce allstar mastercellar

Under orders to socially distance ourselves, isolate or even self-quarantine because of the COVID-19 crisis doesn’t mean that we have to say farewell to good food and beautiful wines. The Master Cellar won’t let that happen.  Discover how our eCommerce Allstars are driving even more scrumptious success for this well-established home-grown brand.

Spotlight on The Master Cellar

Thanks to this epic team you can now travel around the world of wines & spirits from the comfort of your safe space. With a cast range of over 400 different wines, 300+ spirits as well as gourmet foods, cigars and non-alcoholic beverages this epic virtual home of goodness is extraordinary and is quickly becoming a top favourite. 

1. The Master Cellar website 

It’s intuitive, engaging, brilliant. 
We’re patting ourselves on the back because this epic website has been built by our talented team of online strategists, designers and developers. It’s beautifully presented and offers customers a stunning customer journey. Whether you’re tempted to dive into gourmet delights, fancy a bottle of bubbly, feel like some vino or prefer to go down the non-alcoholic aisles, the range of products is endless.

master cellar ecommerce wine shop

2. A delicious discount code 

 If we are going to take the loving step of cooking for ourselves, the Master Cellars team believes that we should absolutely make the experience even better by enjoying a glass or two of wine as well. So they’ve launched a generous 10% discount code on all wines. No ifs, buts or maybes – you’ll get a solid 10% off anytime you order wine if you simply add 10%discallwines before checkout.

3. Virtual Wine Tasting classes

Enjoying a good wine, we are often told, requires companionship. The joy, the sense of discovery, occurs when it is collective. This triggered The Master Cellar to launch their super cool, very informative virtual wine tasting classes which are online social gatherings for wine lovers. Innovation is the key to success and this team is winning. 

4. Free delivery

Stay home, keep safe and The Master Cellar team will deliver your order right to your door. A minimum spend of €30 is all it takes to score free delivery, making this super service affordable and amazing. Here’s an idea. Surprise your loved ones with a few special bottles, host your own virtual wine party and celebrate togetherness even though you’re far about.

master cellar ecommerce wine shop

So what separates the awesome ones from all the rest? 

Giving customers an awesome buyer’s journey has always been at the heart of The Master Cellar philosophy and this superb shift to online won’t stop this team from putting their customers first and excelling at the game they continue to win. One thing is for sure, we’ll be dedicating the next glass of our favourite wine to this great brand. 

Congrats The Master Cellar, welcome to NIU’s family of AllStars.   

Now is the time when people need online shopping the most so we were quick to launch our online store. We are extremely proud of the efficient, helpful and fast customer service that we are giving. COVID-19 pushed us to perfect our online home and now that we’re comfortable in our virtual space we’ll keep offering this service after the COVID-19 crisis is over too’  

– Tamara Gauci, Brand Manager 

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