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NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 – Celebrating St Edward’s College

for NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 - Celebrating St Edward's College at NIU Ltd.

On 12th March 2020, it was announced that all schools in the Maltese islands would close for a week in an effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19. Since then, online learning has come into play. For educational entities such as the iconic St Edward’s College, learning progressed as planned – this school has embraced technology for a while and were ready for this new challenge. In fact, just recently this educational entity celebrated the launch of their content-rich website – an online space which welcomes thousands of students, parents and teachers every day. Here’s why this wonderful private school has made it to our list of NIU eCommerce Allstars. 

Spotlight on St Edward’s College

St Edward’s College is an independent private school with a beautiful history and a very promising future to match. So many of their alumni have achieved incredible success thanks to a high-quality study experience that they enjoyed at this college. When the management team reached out to NIU to build a website which showcases their passion for education, their love for their brand and their dream to deliver enriching learning, we knew that this would be a project we’d be extremely proud of.

An epic website for a top school.

The team at St Edward’s College give a very good impression during visits so it stands to reason that they wanted their online presence to be aligned to their exceptional study experience and five-star service. The website is content-rich and includes essential information such as feesthe application process,career opportunitiesthe college calendarSummer school informationa beautiful photo gallery as well as virtual tours which give parents/guardians of prospective students a 100% clear idea of what learning at this magnificent school is really like. 

Embracing tech – Live Open Days

Recently this epic school launched a cool online initiative designed to give prospective students the chance to meet the Headmaster, Heads of Section, admissions department and even tour the grounds from the comfort of their own space. More than ever before, this brilliant idea has been applauded by parents/guardians keen to enrol their children in the upcoming scholastic year.  Put simply, eCommerce is at the heart of this online space. Prospective students whether local or foreign, can even register their enrolment online. If approved by the Admissions Team they can submit their payment at the press of a button from their safe space – it’s as easy as ABC.  

Celebrating students, sharing success

The busy school administration team finds time to share valuable enriching content on their social media channels as well as motivational stories which celebrate their students. Their effective social content shows that their learners are at the heart of their study experience.

Communicating effectively, the latest news

Crystal communication is the secret of success and St Edward’s College are masters of effective communication skills. Their website includes a dedicated news section for early years, junior, middle, senior and sixth form students as well as a weekly calendar and a college blog with extremely interesting content. Their weekly ‘Head Master’s Message’ by Head Master Mr Nollaig Mac an Bhaird, is extremely popular as it includes content which definitely inspires students to do their very best and keeps parents updated with all the latest news.

So what separates the awesome ones from all the rest?

The management and administration teams together with the teachers at St Edward’s College take great pride in the study experience that they deliver and this is clearly shown in the time they dedicate to make sure that their website is constantly updated. They communicate frequently and effectively, have embraced technology and use social media to reach out to prospective students and ignite in each and every Edwardian an even greater love for their school.

Congrats St Edward’s College, welcome to NIU’s family of AllStars.

Having a significant online presence goes hand-in-hand with the service the school provides. Parents visiting the website must get the same feeling as those who visited in person, this is essential to having a good website experience. Our main reason for improving our online services is so that clients can enrol, book or inquire effortlessly through specific functions on our website

– Jade Bruno, Admissions. 

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