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NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 – Celebrating

for NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 – Celebrating at NIU Ltd.

On days when we can’t enjoy the outdoors, the only solution is to bring the outdoors inside – that was the mission of the team during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that our days are brighter and we’re enjoying a new normal, their goal is to continue to empower us all to appreciate the beauty of plants, explore the fun-side of gardening and invest in our homes to make our spaces our favourite places. Here’s why made it to our family of NIU eCommerce Allstars. 

Spotlight on

The team swiftly switched to the wonderful world of online reminding us that plants boost moods, productivity, concentration and creativity. They also reduce stress, absorb toxins and produce oxygen – they encouraged us all to invite the beauty of mother nature to invade our indoor space to make home-life healthier, happier and prettier. It goes without saying, the NIU team were as proud as punch to help this awesome team ride the eCommerce wave like champs. 

Gorgeous greens in the spotlight

And while we all missed walking through aisles and aisles of gorgeous flowers, we made sure that the web experience that we were asked to build would be just as much of a nice walk in the park. Customers may shop by plant-type, by department, by brand or by budget – it’s really easy to navigate, it’s also user friendly, intuitive, content-rich and beautiful. See with your own eyes – we’re confident you’ll end up buying something for a friend, loved one or for yourself. 

A fun online shopping experience

Thousands of products have been carefully uploaded on this website making the online platform a one-stop-shop for anything garden, pet or home-related. From bulbs to herbs and citrus trees (and everything in between), from an exclusive range of wall-paper to indoor furniture and our absolute favourite scented candles – simply stunning, brilliantly beautiful.  

Content is king

The team is sharing some awesome nuggets of wisdom and loads of friendly advice and terrific tips to help cultivate a love for gardening. Flex your green fingers, hop on the website and get all the answers you’re looking for or get in touch with the super friendly bunch of gardening experts and they’ll happily share some of their best kept gorgeous garden secrets.

The power of socials 

A clever social media strategy has been set to entice brand loyal customer or new clients to hop over to the website. Their marketing team also launch super offers which make online shopping even more of a blast. 

So what separates the awesome ones from all the rest?

They’re leading the marketing, setting the pace and making history for the local garden shop arena. had a plan to jump onboard the eCommerce train and jumped right in with us by their side. Their online presence is aligned perfectly to the brilliant loved by all brand they have built – there’s only way to describe it – a blooming success! 

Congrats welcome to NIU’s family of AllStars.

“We found e-commerce to be incredibly useful to connect with customers who found themselves unable to visit our shop in person. We could easily share new products with them through the website and by sharing product links on social media. Clients can also find more information on their own through the website, such as stock availability and prices which helps us build a stronger and more honest relationship with clients.”

– Sherries Estates Management.

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