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NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 – Celebrating

for NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 - Celebrating at NIU Ltd.

COVID-19 reminded us all that when it comes to our lifestyle, embracing a well-balanced diet and taking advantage of the deliciousness Mother Earth provides, should be our number one goal for ourselves and our loved ones. The popularity of has reached an outstanding sky-high and we’re so proud to be by their side, celebrating their well-deserved success. Here’s why this homegrown brand has made it to our list of NIU eCommerce Allstars. 

Spotlight on

Farm to table dining has reached a new level of greatness thanks to High-quality, genuine products combined with a brilliant delivery service topped up with the friendliest of smiles is what makes this brand a local favourite. Their website is a product-first and checkout optimized, customer experience which has upped their game dramatically – this brand proves that the magic of eCommerce, when built right, is real.  

Scrumptious offers

This hardworking team is smart, aware of the latest trends and capable of bringing their collection of goodness to the masses thanks to their updated social media channels and campaigns. From BBQ Fruit & Veggie Box to their monthly deluxe box and their special Keto Box – the selections are extensive the quality high. (P.S – Their Summer Immunity Booster box is incredible – team favourite!)

A very clever concept

Kudos to the NIU team for giving this website so much colour and life. Exploring is exactly like going down a vegetable aisle at your favourite supermarket or discovering what fresh goodness is available at your nearby veggie truck – only difference is that you’re in the comfort of your favourite space ordering what’s on your meal plan at the press of a button. 

User-friendly, intuitive, really smart includes a labelling system marking products local/organic/low stock/out of stock/special. Other very popular features include predictive search, delivery schedule, and after you make an order, you can save a name for it like “My Fav Fruits & Veggies” to easily reorder again in the user area – in record time! 

21st-century gift-giving

Heard about the latest trends? The gift of nature. What could be more appreciated and awesome than receiving a delicious hamper from Their collection is extensive, affordable and will show your friends, colleagues or loved ones that you cherish them and want them to live a long and healthy life. 

Delivery dream goals

We’ve tried and tested the delivery service a million times and it really is consistently brilliant. If you order by 1PM you’ll get your delivery the day after, you can select your preferred time bracket and their delivery team is super friendly and really helpful. The best in the business, that’s a fact – ten points from us. 

So what separates the awesome ones from all the rest?

Local farmers have had to quickly change the way they approach business and is clearly leaving their mark. Fresh, healthy, convenient – that’s their brand goal and we’re so proud to share that they’re definitely keeping their promise. They’ve embraced technology, continue to celebrate the power of social media and have genuine products which keep our nation healthy and make Malta proud. 

Congrats Mgarr Farms welcome to NIU’s family of AllStars.

We can finally have a restful break after a long hard working day while our clients can easily order their fresh fruits & veg online. NIU has helped us facilitate the way our customers can order and also the way we handle those orders, the stock, deliveries, and everything in between. We surely are grateful for the step forward we have taken. 

– Miraine Galea, Purchasing Manager.

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