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NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 – Celebrating Intercomp

for NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 – Celebrating Intercomp at NIU Ltd.

When the COVID-19 crisis struck, the Maltese islands immediately shifted to tech. Whether it was to work remotely, learn online, connect with family or buy essentials from the comfort of their safe space, technology saved the day and brands like Intercomp made living in the COVID-19 period easier. We’re proud to be this epic team’s online partners of choice and here’s why they’ve made it to our NIU AllStars list.

Spotlight on Intercomp

From electronics to home appliances, from gaming related tech to phones and so much more, is heaven on earth for techies, gadget lovers and anyone who wants to invest in top brands which will elevate their lifestyle. 

An epic website for a top brand

Their content-rich website developed by NIU is top-notch. It’s intuitive, engaging and beautifully presented. Buyers may choose to shop by brand, item, budget or even by warranty duration – perfection. We also love that Intercomp’s marketing team keep their social media pages magnetic and aligned to the constantly updated web content.   

Crystal Clear Communication

Intercomp was one of the very first brands to share their response to COVID-19. Their communication was clear, effective, on point and gave potential customers the peace of mind they were craving. For newbie online shoppers, the team launched a page showing how to make a purchase in just a few easy steps – this is what great communication is all about.  

Fast, Free Delivery

When the demand for tech started to spike because individuals were choosing to stay indoors, Intercomp’s free delivery service across the Maltese islands was music to everyone’s ears. ‘Keep safe, stay home – let us come to you’. Now that’s what we call super service. 

Coupon Codes, special offers, bargain deals 

During these last weeks, the coupon codes that this team has announced were amazing, to say the least. With offers of up to a jaw-dropping 75% off, we’re sure we’re all the same page when we say that when it comes to discounts that make an impact, Intercomp rules. Plus, their dedicated pages for special offers and clearance bargain deals make online shopping ever so sweet. 

So what separates the awesome ones from all the rest?

 More than ever before, Intercomp’s Easy Payment Scheme is saving the day and as expected, when times started to get tough this brand came up with a series of affordable offers which brighten up even the darkest day. When it comes to the buyer’s journey, this team is quality-centric, agile and their support is stellar. There’s more. This team even found the time to support Malta’s very first directory for online businesses – a CSR initiative that has made online shopping a delight for business owners and buyers alike. We are sure that this team will continue to raise their game and set the online shopping bench-mark even higher.   

Congrats Intercomp, welcome to NIU’s family of AllStars.


“I’ve been working with NIU since their inception, and over the years, we have launched multiple websites across the various Alf Mizzi & Sons group of companies.  These ranged from simple websites and online games to high-traffic media and eCommerce websites. 

Apart from their obvious technical expertise and prowess, I highly value the sense of ownership and pride that they take in their work.  This is expressed in many forms:  the ongoing constructive feedback on all of our projects, their commitment to identify and fix issues before we even notice them ourselves, and their constant drive to push us harder and harder to maximise our sales through our e-commerce website.  It is refreshing to feel that you are viewed and treated as a partner, and not seen as a burden by your service provider.

We still have multiple projects in the pipeline, and with NIU as our partner, I feel comfort in the fact that I will be guided honestly and unselfishly through the scoping of the project, and that the solution that we eventually develop will be visually attractive, intuitive and scalable.” 

– John P. Casaletto, CEO

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