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NIU eCommerce AllStars 2020 – Celebrating Ecco Shoes

ecommerce all star ecco shoes

Agility is the name of the business game. When the COVID-19 crisis struck the Maltese islands, NIU client and top brand Ecco Shoes Malta was one of the first to swiftly launch an outstanding online campaign. We all know that it takes a combination of vision, perseverance, investment and commitment to design, implement and launch a strong, effective campaign so fast, so announcing that Ecco Shoes Malta is one of our NIU eCommerce AllStars should not come as a surprise. 

Spotlight on Ecco Shoes Malta

Ecco Shoes Malta designed a brilliant campaign which highlights their exceptional customer support, cool promotional offers and most importantly focuses on the high quality of the international brand they exclusively represent. Here are three of their winning secrets.

1. Consistency is king(or queen)

‘Think of the online store as another shop with the added benefit of being open all day, every day and just a click away’ – that’s what the team at Ecco Shoes Malta promise. 

In all their communication, as well as on their website, they make it clear that whether you’re visiting an outlet or shopping from the comfort of your safe space you’ll benefit from the exact same brilliant customer experience. Put simply, prices don’t vary, the collection is exactly the same, the service is always top-notch. 

2. Daily deliveries, service with a smile. 

If securing sales is your mission, then exceptional customer service must rank high. The Ecco team committed to scheduling free daily deliveries to any location in the Maltese islands. They took it one step further. 
For clients who wanted a delivery within a 4 hr-window, they promised to make this happen (at an additional charge) and for those who weren’t happy with their purchase or wanted a change in shoe size, they committed to a free return/pick up policy. There’s more. 

These legends jumped on their Facebook page and invited all potential customers to ask to try on more than one size prior to making their purchase. In case you’re wondering, there’s no catch – their delivery team member on duty waits in the car to take the size that isn’t right – epic customer service. 

3. Coupon Code Magic

The marketing team at Ecco Shoes Malta started with a basic ‘20% off’ coupon code and moved on to announce a super attractive 30% off promotional offer when using the code ‘RETAILTHERAPY’. Attractive don’t you think? Smart too. The team created a generous coupon code (with a cool slogan) to keep potential buyers intrigued and hungry to shop.  

So what separates the awesome ones from all the rest? 

The team behind this awesome brand believes that the customer is at the heart of the shopping experience, that’s golden. They invested in an online platform which has radically transformed their sales strategy and they continue to dream and launch campaigns which keep their loyal fan base close and their brand new clients smiling. That’s why they’re winning and that’s why they’re NIU eCommerce AllStars.

Congrats Ecco-Shoes Malta!  

“We’re focused on giving our clients a five-star service which is aligned to our high-quality brand. Thanks to our eCommerce solution built by NIU we’re thriving. Stay home, use the coupon code RETAILTHERAPY and enjoy 30% off”

– Christina Zammit La Rosa, General Manager, Ecco Shoes Malta


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