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NIU completes Malta University Holdings seven-portal project

NIU completes Malta University Holdings seven-portal project

NIU has finalised the redesign and launch of all seven websites owned by the Malta University Holding Company, the largest project the Żebbug-based web design company has ever undertaken. The year-long project was concluded last week with the launch of the new website for Campus FM, after those for the University Residence, University Language School, MUHC sports and leisure, Hotel Kappara, Malta University Publishing, and Malta University Holding Company.

NIU creative director Matthew Sammut explained that beyond the cosmetics, all the websites are highly diverse in their scope and in the technologies they employ, and include solutions like internet radio streaming, online booking forms, e-commerce platforms and hi-resolution image galleries.

“Perhaps the largest challenge we faced was one of our doing, when we realised that it would be simpler for the client to access a single Content Management System rather than seven separate ones,” Mr Sammut added.

The success of the websites has already started to show, with first semester bookings at the Malta University Residence being placed at a higher rate than in previous years, in part owing to the large volume of bookings placed through the new online booking system which NIU implemented on the website.

NIU’s remit now extends to their renowned after sales support, issue management and updating the sites’ frameworks as required.

MUHC is owned by the University of Malta and operates within the education, accommodation and leisure sectors.

Article courtesy of Timesofmalta.com – LINK