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Heres to ‘Black Box Thinking’ and how it can help you grow your business!

NIU is inspired by Black Box Thinking

Matthew Syed’s 2015 ground-breaking book “Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success” is an essential piece of reading for any organisation which wants to gain a deeper insight into what is commonly billed as “the highs and lows” on the road to success. 

In our ever-evolving, tech savvy world, many organisations are realising how critical it is to be at the fore of tech developments and online security advances – it is symbiotic in their success story. In recent years many high-profile organisations, including government entities, have fallen foul of data leaks and security breaches. 

NIU is inspired by Black Box Thinking

At NIU we recognise the gravity of this situation and in the past year we have taken the appropriate steps to become ISO 27001 certified, further bolstering our online security. We have ensured our team of experts are well versed in the protocol for ISO27001, giving us peace of mind that the whole team are on board with keeping our brand secure; forging our path to success, whilst continuing to analyse our failures. 

While often times, security incidents are dependent on third party efforts too, through careful analysis of our security training and protocol we at NIU have boosted our level of preparedness. The simple errors which lead to many security breaches e.g., weak passwords and misconfigurations make us vulnerable to larger, more widespread failures. Through explicit team training at NIU we are better prepared to handle such incidents, and ultimately safeguard our clients better– a critical step of Syed’s path on the road to success.

:: Keep on Going!

At NIU we recognise that a part of dealing with failure is to embrace it. Syed argues in his book that failure is an opportunity to make progress and ultimately succeed in your professional endeavours. Most individuals and organisations have a tendency to ignore their failures – rarely learning from the experience, although most claim that they have. Our team at NIU recognise the benefit of having professional hindsight which is accurate; engaging with the entire failure process and enabling us to get back up and ultimately make progression towards success.

:: Effective Business Growth

To achieve growth in our business at NIU we have had to adopt appropriate thought processes; scrutinising our business model, systems, and company culture to ensure that we continue to strive to be our best. One of the best ways of achieving this, as per Syed’s book, is to analyse the evidence of our organisational successes and failures appropriately. Whenever we find ourselves faced with evidence of our failures, we as human beings tend to become dismissive of any evidence within that failure which challenges our personal ethos. The same can be said of many organisations who, instead of reassessing and altering their business ethos or belief system, tend to try and invent new reasons and justifications for their failures. At NIU we can see that the key to effective business growth often lies in detailed and thorough analysis and acceptance of past failures.

:: Trends of the Industry

Through close analysis of learning curves experienced within the industry at large, NIU have been able to be better prepared for the potential failures which are commonplace within our sector. Matthew Syed states that failing in practice or pilot stages of a project expands our potential to learn from our failures and make necessary adaptations, whilst keeping costs at a minimum. Paying close attention to these trends and failures across the industry, conducting pilot schemes and investing in practice, help NIU to succeed when it really matters. 

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