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NIU are now ISO certified – a new milestone reached to ensure your security

iso certification for NIU

ISO certification is a success for us & for our clients

We are proud to announce that we’ve just obtained an important ISO certification. Thanks to the hard work of the entire NIU team, we have been successful in obtaining an international certification which helps us provide an even better service to our clients. Why did we do it?

We constantly invest resources to improve our standards of service as we strive to provide our customers with an ever-evolving level of professionalism, security and integrity. For this reason, the ISO 27001 standards were key in ascertaining this in the long-term.

Obtaining an ISO certification demonstrates transparent, valid and strict internal processes in place to ensure one of the highest information security standards.

What is ISO and why ISO/IEC 27001:2013?

iso certification

ISO 27001 is an international standard that regulates how information security should be managed in companies. It can be implemented in any type of business, whether it is a for-profit or non-profit organisation, public or private company, small or large entity.

We have achieved the ability to regulate and ensure adequate data security controls, including all those logistical, physical and organisational aspects related to them. Therefore, it is a complete and effective system that certifies the maximum efficiency in the management of information technology and security.

The ISO certification is based on expertise in the field of information security and has a prescribed methodology for organisations all around the globe. ISO 27001 is the most widely used standard of information security in the world.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is a sub-standard of ISO 27001 that specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving ISMS (Information Security Management Systems) within the context of an organisation.

One of the areas regulated by this ISO certification is risk management in all departments of the company

Based on the ISMS regulations, various processes in the company, such as administrative processes or the way technical solutions are implemented, are analysed individually.

In order for NIU to be ISO 27001 certified, the competent authority distinguished and defined any potential risks that may have featured for each system (e.g. the likelihood of a particular problem or the costs associated with a potential claim). Such a thorough analysis illustrates a clear range of measures to bypass possible problems.

Measures included, sensitising employees to general safety measures, such as applying safety rules when handling sensitive data or locking the screen when leaving the workplace.

The implementation of the described changes required a very intensive cooperation from the company and guarantees the highest level of service to all our clients.

Why has information security become a top priority?

The requests for ISO certified suppliers and/or products will continue to gain popularity and importance since information security has become a sensitive and competitive value. In some cases, it has also become a selection criterion. Why?

Security has become an important success factor for all organisations

iso certification

A security incident can lead to a loss of customer data and cause financial damage. Hence, security in the management of organisations and client data demands are becoming more of a necessity.

For a long time, information security has been often considered the responsibility of IT (e.g. Antivirus, firewall). The situation has now changed.

Information security to be implemented in a multi-dimentional manner

Since the weakest link in the chain determines the level of security, information security must be implemented by all involved together in a systemic way from all potential touch-points.

From data loss to unauthorised access, from virus attacks to electronic commerce, from hacking to disaster recovery, ISO 27001 allows you to carefully assess the security risks and also identifies how to avoid them. It's also one of the main reasons why responsible companies choose to be ISO certified.

How can our ISO certification benefit you?

An ISO certification offers the certainty that NIU have systems and procedures capable of protecting our clients' data and responding to potential threats. This is only possible with structured management that guarantees all the necessary security standards in managing information, limiting risks and potential damages.

The ISO 27001 compliant ISMS protects information in any form and of any nature. Furthermore, it guarantees that we will continuously improve our information security systems through the ISO annual audit, ensuring long-term benefit.

An ISO certification is also an international stamp for being pro-active against security threats, putting our clients' and their own minds at rest.

In order to maintain the ISO 27001 certification, periodic reviews and internal audits of the ISMS are required annually to ensure continuous compliance and adaptation to new laws and regulations. An external auditor examines the ISMS at specific intervals to determine protocol efficiency. With these independent assessments, an expert opinion is obtained which provides the level of security necessary to protect the specific organisation's information.

We went through this international certification path because the advantages of adapting to the ISO 27001 standard bring benefits that directly affect our customers' business too.

Here are some of the benefits we obtained from an ISO 27001 certification, and what it means to work with a web development agency that has an ISO certification:

  1. Satisfy our clients’ contractual requirements with particular attention to information security;
  2. Strengthen the functions and processes for information security and protect the integrity of all brands;
  3. Integrate security protocols to manage and sustain long-term risk management strategies;
  4. Reduce legal and contractual risks;
  5. Improve relations with Public Administration;
  6. Ensure the protection of trade secrets and corporate know-how;
  7. Demonstrate compliance with laws and regulations with impartiality;
  8. Prove our commitment to ensure information security.

Now more than ever, we strengthen our position in that our security and risk management objectives have been achieved, but the ISO certification represents much more. It guarantees an ethos which strives to continue improving our information security systems through annual audits. In fact, every year, we will participate in an external review process and demonstrate that we are maintaining certified safety standards and process compliance.

This ISO certification affects all our processes related to any of the services we provide. So, whether we are building a new website for you, running online ad campaigns, or providing you with a custom web app to help you manage your data, we are following strict ISO standards apart from the long-ago adopted GDPR compliance.

NIU - a web development agency with ISO certification

iso certification

We live in times of advanced digitalisation where a high degree of security is becoming increasingly important. Having obtained the ISO 27001 certification, NIU has taken an important step to guarantee the highest degree of confidentiality, integrity, and data security for its clients.

It was a demanding journey and an important investment, but we are convinced that we made the right choice. We remain to be a point of reference for our customers and we want to offer them the best service possible.

Contact us for more information about how our ISO certification affects your brand, so you can put your mind at rest knowing that you're in good hands.

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