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Modular WordPress website development – building adaptable websites that grow with your brand

Modular WordPress websites that grow with your brand

Modular WordPress website development – an absolute game-changer

WordPress website development has been around for many years, but it takes expertise and skill to manage building such websites in a modular manner, or as some would say “atomic”. Building WordPress websites in a modular manner has many benefits, here’s why…

When it comes to starting a web project, you are faced with multifaceted decisions to make at different stages.

For example, is it better to use an open-source CMS like WordPress, already ready and undoubtedly faster to set up, or is it better to go with a custom solution made using programming languages that can be perfectly adapted to your needs but which is required to be done from scratch?

If developed properly, a WordPress website can still give you the customisation you require – especially if you utilise the “atomic design” methods.

Modular (a.k.a. atomic) WordPress website development

As the word itself suggests, atomic design is based on atoms joining together to form molecules. An example of this would be HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js integration working together with other elements.

A module is in fact a unit that can be reused several times in different contexts and a good website is always modular due to future/changing developments needs in today’s fast-paced industries.

With simple elements being put together professionally, beautifully developed WordPress websites can achieve great things.

Creating a modular website according to an “atomic” approach requires:

  • Having an arsenal of ready-to-use modules that can be put together in any way, allowing rapid creation of unique prototypes;
  • Being able to manage site maintenance in a simpler and faster way due to the possibility of individual intervention on each module;
  • Being able to apply a similar approach to the development of other applications using different programming languages only where necessary.

The benefits of modular WordPress website development

If a few years ago the biggest problem was to have the same content displayed on multiple browsers, today, in the multi-device era, the challenge becomes guaranteeing a good user experience on different devices with completely different resolutions and technologies.

To overcome such problems, it helps website designers and developers to to embrace the concept of modularity. In a system in which a “page” is no longer a circumscribed and isolated element but part of a whole, even the elements of which it is composed must be distinct, independent, but above all able to coexist with each other.

Atomic design, introduced by Brad Frost, takes its cue, as the name suggests, from chemistry. It therefore uses the basic hierarchy used in chemical classification to design and use elements in the design of a system.

The key concept is to break down the elements present in a design into the smallest unit and to assemble them in a balanced and harmonious way into macro-elements defined as templates, which will subsequently become pages.

Atomic design quickly shifts between abstract and concrete. The single parts of our design affect the whole, and the whole affects the parts. Modular design in WordPress website development represents a model that allows us to simultaneously create end user interfaces and their underlying design systems.

What is required for professional modular WordPress website development?

Modular WordPress website development allows for an excellent design method. It guarantees wide possibilities in terms of customisation and adaptation according to the needs of specific users. However, the end result depends on the integration of the various modules and how they interact and work together.

In fact, modular web design and development paired with good custom development allows for consistency, improved functionality, and more importantly, scalability.

Why do we build WordPress websites in a modular manner?

At NIU, we don’t use WordPress because it’s easy. We do so because when combined with expert custom design and development it ensures all parts of a website can be further adapted as is necessary in future.

When building in a modular manner, web components are more versatile and reusable. We are able to position them and customise them to each client’s individual needs. This naturally requires more work and effort at the beginning of the project, but it minimises problems and limitations in the long run.

A website that is developed in a modular manner helps companies remain agile and able to adapt, and it is proven to reduce long-term costs and pain points. This is even more important for eCommerce websites which typically require added functionality and integration.

When we develop a website, we do so on WordPress due to the high level of accessibility. However, each setup, design and function is customised to our client’s taste and requirement – keeping in mind that each element can be changed or further adapted in future. This, without compromising you having full control of your website – one of WordPress’ most fundamental features.

The benefits of custom WordPress theme development

Why do we recommend custom theme development? With a custom theme, you get exactly what you want!

At NIU we ensure that from both a front-end and back-end perspective, you are provided with an extremely user-friendly CMS that allows you to include content, videos, photos, and more without requiring out intervention. The NIU team also ensures your website is not slowed down by unnecessary theme functions, add-ons and plugins which you don’t need. All this is done whilst ensuring that the website remains secure, responsive and optimised over the long-run – making it easy for you to maintain and manage it for years to come.

Each WordPress theme we develop comes with a custom design created by our in-house designers based entirely on your preferences, brand’s concept and industry.

What’s in it for you?

Internally at NIU we are fond of the motto ‘if you’re going to do something, do it well‘ and we practise this on a daily basis through the development techniques we utilise. In doing so, we also extend this to our client’s too and this is why our work is appreciated by many.

By using modular development over the past 14 years, we’ve helped clients:

  • Keep development costs lower over the long-term;
  • Allow for design adaptations (including overhauls) without the need to redevelop in full;
  • Integrate with third party systems (such as stock management systems) seamlessly;
  • Allow for customisation on projects of all sizes;
  • Update/replace components efficiently;
  • Manage website maintenance effectively;
  • Benefit from improved UI/UX;
  • Maintain inhouse website management with the training we provide.

A modular website is a great asset to your brand and whether it is basic web presence or a full blown digital strategy you are after, it is the ideal solution for start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises.

At NIU we specialise in modular WordPress website development. Book a free consultation to find out how we can grow your business together!

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