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5 Marketing and SEO Tips and Tricks

marketing and seo

We’re living in a digital era that is fast-changing and evolving by the second. Learn how to be the best marketer on the block!

If you’re feeling like you cannot keep up with digital marketing and SEO changes, you are definitely not alone! However, we are almost positive that Google will keep on getting smarter and more efficient as the days and months roll by. All we have to do is keep up! 

Search engines are evolving in a way that is making it harder and harder for organic traffic to thrive. However, it is not impossible. Marketers need to work harder, create better pages for ranking higher and develop faster websites to compete with competitors and Google! 

All in all, marketers need to stay up to date with all the latest marketing & SEO releases to help you retain and increase your organic traffic. Here are our 5 marketing and SEO tips and tricks for success.

1. Improve Overall User Experience

A search engine’s main objective is to provide an exact result for the client’s query. As a marketer, you will need to think about this constantly when optimising for SEO to improve your ranking. If your website looks outdated, takes long to load and does not provide adequate content, then users are more likely to bounce off your website quickly, which in turn will affect your ranking. Google will reward your site if it sees that users are spending more time there as Google equates this to users finding what they are looking for. 

marketing & seo

If your bounce rate is high, you can make small marketing and SEO changes to lower it back down. For example, make sure that your posts are easy to read by keeping your paragraphs short, mixing sentence lengths, using bullet points and sub-headers, and in general, writing quality content that is worth users’ time. It also helps to make use of the inverted pyramid style of writing by exposing the most newsworthy facts first while leaving supporting content for last. 

You can improve your bounce rate by focusing your attention on user experience (UX). More often than not, a high bounce rate is the result of poor usability and user experience. NUI’s professional team of experts can help you out with top quality UX & UI solutions that will improve your brand’s digital experience.  

Increasing your website speed will also help in improving your SEO efforts and lower your bounce rates. There are various free Google tests that can help you improve your site speed such as Test My Site and PageSpeed Insights.

2. Design for Mobile First

Mobile conversions are always on the increase. Most searches and nearly half of the purchases are done through mobile. This is also evident when you see that Google has also gone mobile first. Your site’s mobile version will be crawled and indexed before your desktop version, giving it more priority for marketing & SEO purposes. 

This is a useful tip if you are thinking about building a new site. NIU will always think about your website development, mobile-first, including the possibility of mobile apps.

3. Write Longer Content

SEO studies are showing that longer content is ranking better than shorter blogs since they tend to accumulate more backlinks. However, writing 2,500+ words is not always feasible, not to mention that it is very time-consuming. There is no formula to determine how long your content should be. However, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What information would you be looking for if you’re searching for that keyword? Don’t forget that you can also target multiple search queries in one post or article. 

Another option is to refresh old content. This is an easy way to lengthen a short blog post into a longer article. It will also give you the advantage that older content has more domain authority than fresh content. Try and boost existing content to up your game in marketing & SEO.

Our team at NIU uses WordPress as a content management system (CMS). WordPress is incredibly easy to use, trustworthy and functional. With a few training sessions from our team, you will be able to write new content or refresh existing articles in no time.

4. Take Link Building Seriously

Link building is a very important part in marketing & SEO strategies. However, quality is key. Untrustworthy and spammy links will not do anything but harm to your website. On the other hand, links with an older domain tend to pass more value than those coming from newer websites. Links that are earned from having high-quality content or from influencer marketing are extremely effective. 

Remember to also use internal linking to increase visibility to your not-so-popular landing pages. If you want to increase link building, you can also try to comment on social networks and forums with backlinks to your website. 
Link building is a tricky business but nothing worth having comes easy in life! NIU’s professional team of SEO experts are ready to invest their time and energy on helping your business grow, and that includes link building strategies.

5. Do not Neglect Technical SEO

You could be doing everything right but if you are forgetting the technical aspect of SEO, you will still be underperforming. Firstly, make sure that your site is loading on HTTPS as sites which do not are struggling to rank. A safe and secure website is essential for ranking. 

marketing & seo

You should also consider AMP pages (accelerated mobile pages) for mobile as these are very responsive for mobile which means that you will rank higher. Your pages will be displayed according to the device from which they are accessed. Through WordPress, our team can implement this change quite easily. 

‘Page Not Found’ 404 errors should also be immediately fixed through redirection. 404 errors are a dead end which can be very frustrating for your audience. It is in your interest, and theirs, to fix these errors so that you can engage your audience more. 

The team at NIU are your go-to guys when it comes to marketing & SEO solutions. We will be there to guide you and help you every step of the way. By following this guide, and more tips and tricks that our team can divulge, we will have you ranking on the top pages in no time.

Interested to know more? Let’s chat and discuss your next marketing & SEO steps!

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