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JCI Malta Business Competition Event

JCI Malta Business Competition Event

With the lofty aim of opening doors to international networking and business, the Junior Chamber International Malta Best Business Plan competition is a benchmark setter in the business world in which individuals aged between 18 and 40 are asked to develop business ideas and formulate these into a solid business plan. Affiliated with Junior Chamber International, a 200,000 member strong organization spread over 15 countries, JCI Malta provides development opportunities aimed at fostering empowerment in young people so as to encourage and foster them with positive change.

This year, our very own Matthew Sammut was a judge at JCI. Seven teams presented their business plans which were then scrutinized by a panel of judges who also asked a number of pertinent questions about each proposal. The proposal deemed to be the best among then won the competition, and this year, the victor was Marilu Vella and her Pastizzi Gourmet concoctions.

Following the closure of this year’s JCI, a visibly touched Matthew said that as a young person who himself started a company with a friend, he completely recognizes and appreciates the hard work that all participating teams put into their business plans. Matthew went on to say that all business plans and presentations were valid, but there had to be one winner, however, he implores the competitors to never give up hope and to always carry on doing their best.

As a young company ourselves, NIU truly enjoys witnessing other young people take themselves, their ideas and the world of entrepreneurship so seriously as well as attempting to take every possible nugget of knowledge and advantage that organizations such as JCI provide. Furthermore, we would like to keep on seeing many more of these sterling initiatives and thank and encourage JCI for continually providing such excellent opportunities to our young would-be entrepreneurs.