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The importance of purchasing images and fonts correctly for your website

Image optimisation and font optimisation are two important elements

Whether you are starting a new business or manage an existing one, you probably know by now that having a strong brand is vital for your business’ success in today’s over-saturated market place. While a brand is more than a logo or an image, image optimisation along with these are two crucial elements of every website.

Factors to consider when choosing the right images and fonts 🖼️

When it comes to choosing the right fonts and images, there is typically a great deal of uncertainty surrounding which fonts and images to use, as well as the laws which govern.

Copyright law and Licenses

An important aspect to consider is the law governing the use of particular fonts and images. Fonts are considered bits of computer software, and just like any other software, you are not supposed to install or use it without a license.

Most fonts and images can be protected by trademarks and copyright law which is a form of legal protection provided to those who create original works, ensuring that they are compensated for their work. In fact, we have come across various clients that have been fined for image and font related legal infringement.

Purchasing the Correct Font and Images

There’s a reason why successful companies spend a reasonable spend percentage on their branding – it is extremely valuable. Of course, that does not mean your fonts have to cost much. The fact is that you are more likely to take the time to choose great, on-brand images if you are paying for them, as opposed to just picking some run-of-the-mill image from pixabay or pexels.

The first obvious factor is to select images that reflect the content and the message that you are trying to communicate, not just something that is considered “pretty.” It is also important to choose high-quality images. When it comes to free fonts, their character sets tend to be incomplete, often missing basic style requirements and essential features that may be unique to a particular language. So these can look awful or totally out of place. It is also often the case that free fonts are not updated or tested properly, so the spacing may look weird and sloppy.

Propelling your business to new heights 🏆

If you wonder what it takes to increase conversion rates exponentially, image optimisation is the way to go.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once the correct images are chosen and the website branding is on-point, the next step which is vital to any website is its optimisation, be it content or image optimisation. This is extremely important because once you have chosen the right resources that make up your brand, optimising them can help your website rank better!

When it comes to image optimisation, the smaller the image size, the better. This is because bigger and bulkier images will slow down your web pages which also effects optimal user experience. There are plenty of studies that show that the longer a site takes to load, the more likely companies are to lose sales. In addition to this, it is known that Google’s rankings for slow websites with no image optimisation is relatively low.

One problem with image optimisation is that these modifications often reduce their quality. So the key to image optimisation is to find a good balance between size and quality of an image. Fortunately, there are also a vast array of plugins for image optimisation that are compatible with great website applications like WordPress websites. For example, is a great WordPress image compression plugin that allows you to automatically optimise images on upload as well as offering bulk image optimisation.

In fact, at NIU we specialise in building high-quality WordPress websites. Additionally, our Search Engine Optimisation experts offer tailored SEO solutions ensuring your site will be optimised to its highest capacity in all aspects. The result is an SEO friendly WordPress website that is organised, highly responsive and easy to navigate (and rank).

Luckily for you, if built properly, a WordPress website is also very easy to manage. You do not have to be very knowledgeable to use your WordPress website. In fact our expert team will also provide you with a comprehensive training session which will help you gain the confidence and skills required to manage your new website.

Final Thoughts 💭

It is safe to say that regardless of the industry and size of your business, a good quality website with a great online presence will drive your business further than ever before.

Whether you need to build a website from scratch, have an old one that needs to be redesigned or have an idea that’s still in its early stages, we’re here to help. Our team of professionals can offer you our exclusive web design and development services. Get in touch with us below 👇

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