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Here’s why your website needs live chat

facebook messenger is evolving and it’s no longer just for facebook. introducing messenger live chat on your website

for Here’s why your website needs live chat at NIU Ltd.

What started off as a tool to chat with friends on Facebook alone has been steadily expanding. Messenger Live Chat is now on the doorstep of the B2C world, changing the way businesses speak with their customers.

Let’s get into the top reasons why your website should have Messenger

Facebook has launched a beta version of their customer chat plugin that can already be used on websites worldwide. We have one ourselves you can try right on our website. Give it a go! Let’s get into the top reasons why your website should have Messenger

1. Customer Retention

One of the leading benefits that Messenger’s Live Customer Chat brings to the table is that individuals can start a chat from the website and then continue on Messenger and vice-versa. This provides a better experience to both customer and business owner.

2. Increased Conversions

It’s been proven by marketing research that having a live chat feature on your website has led to increased conversions upwards of 40%.

3. Enhanced user experience

Messenger’s Live Chat integrated into your website brings along all the tools incorporated within the Messenger Platform. We’re talking about automated replies, NLP, rich media and more, creating an enhanced web experience.

4. Malta loves Facebook

Not to mention here in Malta, 85% of individuals who have access to the Internet, have a Facebook account. Due to Facebook and Messenger’s popularity, users are already highly inclined to use these platforms.

Interested in adding these tools to your website?

If integrating Facebook Messenger Live Chat onto your website is part of your marketing goals, feel free to contact us. We will be able to assist you with integrating Live Chat on your website while also helping you maintain it.