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Google+ Brand Pages to be better than Facebook’s?

Google+ Brand Pages to be better than Facebook’s?

With the announcement that Google+ has hit a landmark 25 million users, speculation surrounding a rivalry with Facebook has intensified. Emerging media strategist, Zeny Huang, writing for mashable.com, has forecast that when Google+’s brand pages do launch, which is thought to be in the next few months, they will prove to be a more vital social media marketing tool than those currently offered up on Facebook. Here are a number of the reasons why Huang believes this will be the case:

  • Google+ will offer more Analytics opportunities: Google Analytics is a fantastic tool in web analytics and provides concise, in-depth data – including detailed geographic information and the amount of time spent on a particular page.

Huang states: “It seems inevitable for Google to integrate Google Analytics into Google+ brand pages, so that brands can gain valuable insights into who their fans are and what content their fans are consuming, and where they are coming from” – thus providing greater opportunity to improve the overall user experience.

  • Google+ will provide better search opportunities: It’s well known that Facebook generates a lower CTR (click through rate), which, as a result, increases the cost of a PPC ad, driving traffic through to Facebook, in Google’s auction system.

With the power Google already has within search, it seems somewhat inevitable that the search benefits it already possesses will be transferred to Google+ brand pages.

Article from: http://www.clickthrough-marketing.com/google-brand-pages-to-be-better-than-facebooks-800522557/