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Google Analytics 4 – Wake up It’s Time to Change

Quickly Moving Traffic

Although Google Analytics 4 will soon become the industry standard, many people wonder if they should make the conversion right away. In that case, how?

There will be more and better prospects in digital marketing as a result of the full migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

You’ll discover the differences, things to think about, and benefits of making the changeover right away in this insightful post.

Google Analytics’s Brief History

Remember when was it simple to “browse” the Internet? This channel was used for watching films and reading basic HTML pages. We started making internet purchases, looking out for fresh places to visit, and keeping in touch with former classmates.

For businesses, this meant that it was feasible to track how many pages were viewed on a website and how much time visitors spent on each page.

Our digital environment grew considerably more sophisticated in the years that followed. Nowadays, we use many devices on various networks, shop more online, and engage in bartering and trading.

Businesses have more possibilities for data collection and analysis thanks to Google Analytics, like visitor segmentation, event monitoring, Google Tag Manager, and improved attribution.

Why is a refreshed system required?

The world is unstoppably turning, and technology is developing very quickly. Just as our culture and society are evolving, so are our shopping and browsing habits.

Cross-device measuring is a significant and crucial subject. Despite the fact that analyzing customer experiences across devices is already the norm, Universal Analytics is not intended to measure apps.

The flexibility that businesses desperately require for monitoring and reporting is promised by Google Analytics 4. Nowadays, every interaction is a customizable event.

Have you guessed it yet? Future technology will also heavily rely on artificial intelligence. We are assisted by machine learning as we face the problem of ever-more complicated data analytics.

Although change is not always simple, it is usually very rewarding. Although moving to GA4 is not simple, there are numerous long-term benefits.

Benefits of the New Google Analytics

Analytics that work across platforms and devices

With GA4, tool confusion is a thing of the past because user journeys can now be easily measured across all platforms.

Enough sampling

The use of exaggerated data is therefore over. Instead, you receive precise reports that are based on events.

BigQuery data export is free

Up until now, GA360 customers were the only ones who could use this capability. Access to the original data for GA4 is free. This provides you with the opportunity to work with machine learning models on first-party data and utilize Analytics as the foundation for your own CDP. Everyone can create analyses and reports that they want.

Advanced audience builder

An upgrade to user-defined segments has eventually made. It is now possible to build audiences based on interactions and use them throughout the Google Marketing Cloud. Additionally, Google offers a ready-to-use prediction model powered by AI.

Modern Analytics

Instead of relying solely on a report, Google Analytics 4 now gives users the option to thoroughly study user activity. Additionally, it is now simpler to create customized personal funnels depending on interactions and segmentation. In order to make things as simple as possible for us, Google has already provided 11 best-practice templates in this area.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Users of GA4 powered by AI will also receive out-of-the-box support from AI. Ml algorithms and straightforward AI systems will produce more precise assessments and data. Google uses modelling techniques, such as churn or buy intent, to fill in any gaps in the data when it is incomplete.

Consent and Privacy

The ability to record exchanges in an anonymous form to be in conformity with privacy laws if consent is not given. The Algorithm is then given access to this information.

Why switch to Google Analytics 4

Do you already have GA4 installed and running concurrently with UA? We advise moving to GA4 as soon as possible, ideally by July 2022, or choosing a parallel configuration to provide a full year’s worth of data that can be analyzed later, as Universal Analytics will be totally phased out as of July 2023.

The following actions are needed during the first GA4 setup:

  1. Are the properties configured for each domain? GA4 keeps track of all your apps and websites.
  2. Do you use Universal Analytics to track every point of contact, event, custom dimension, transaction, and custom metric?
  3. Do you have e-commerce tracking set up, if applicable?
  4. Are all connections to third-party services, including Google Ads, BigQuery, and Google Search Console, ready?

Need direction?

We are pleased to help you navigate the new GA4 and, if necessary, can walk you through a special setup. Get in touch today.