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Business as usual at NIU web agency in the Coronavirus Era

for Business as usual at NIU web agency in the Coronavirus Era at NIU Ltd.

With coronavirus putting the world at unease during the coined “Coronavirus Era” 🦠😷, the team at NIU assures our clients we are taking all necessary measures from the government guidelines as well as additional precautions.


Business as usual for NIU.

Our operations will continue as usual during this time with our staff fully prepared to telework.  💻 In fact, some of our crew are already making the transition to ensure no disruptions in our workforce. 👨‍💻👩‍💻

So a big message to our esteemed clients and prospective clients: There will be no delays with your website or app development. We are here to support you with all of your digital needs. NIU is not going anywhere and trust us when we say, your online business is in good hands.


How to contact us.

As the situation escalates, our team will be working remotely. If you need support please email us at or send a request on our support page. 📩 We also have a live chat on our website where you can chat us at any time! 


Prepare for a changed world.

While this is undeniably challenging and uncharted territory with immeasurable loss, it is also an interesting time where we will see our world shift in important ways. We will see changes in our business structures with mass teleworking potentially prompting a more indefinite shift of remote working. There will be changes in our classrooms with a development in e-learning and online classroom streaming. eCommerce sales have been seen on the rise as is the case for certain mobile app services including grocery pick-up and food delivery (Forbes). In general, innovation will be stimulated by necessity (Forbes). For now, the traditional handshake is out the door. And ultimately, we need to prepare for a changed world (Harvard Business Review).


Stay safe (& wash your hands).

Follow the advice of the WHO and local health authorities. Stay safe out there! 🧼🙏

The Team at NIU

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