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Brand NIU launches its new website

Brand NIU launches its new website

The NIU Ltd design and development team revealed their brand new website earlier on today.

‘We work with some of the world’s top brands and are entrusted to design, develop and implement online strategies for local and international companies, so having a website which reflects the latest trends and features is expected. The NIU brand has become one of the island’s fastest growing home grown names and we take great pride in knowing that our team are the brains and talent behind so many effective and attractive online platforms, users are going to love the user experience and will definitely find the website to be engaging’. Matthew Sammut, Creative Director of NIU Ltd explained.

An excellent user experience (UI/UX) means that a businesses digital product is attractive and inviting, it’s what makes the real difference and the NIU team has built a website which is easy-to-use, intuitive and has lots of appeal. The new website is rich in content, gives particular emphasis to all the services offered from discussing concept to implementation and launch, is visually pleasing, interactive and integrates all of NIU’s social media channels. Above all it mirrors the brand’s strong image and commitment to the highest quality standards.

‘We want the NIU website to inspire prospective clients and encourage them to invest in an online platform which can truly take their business to new heights and open doors to a world of clients. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so a website is a 21st century business card which if built brilliantly can be the start of a very successful business’ Matthew concluded.

Explore NIU’s new website and tell us what you think.