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The Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Website

With a quality WordPress website and a good digital marketing strategy there’s nothing your business can’t achieve

Why is WordPress considered the best CMS?

If you had a cent for every time you heard WordPress website you’d be rich by now. You’re probably wondering what’s all the fuss and how can it effect your business? There are many reasons why there are benefits of using WordPress as today it drives a third of all websites.

WordPress was born in 2001 and from the very beginning, it was developed as an open-source project - free to use and edit. Because of this, WordPress has always been further developed and enhanced, by the same community that uses it as soon as flaws became known to them.

This has contributed to the tool we have today - the most flexible, secure, reliable, and powerful open-source Content Management System (CMS).
Its functional and feature-rich themes and solutions which can be completely customised to each business make WordPress the most used CMS in the world.

At the same time, the benefits of using WordPress websites is that it gives you the freedom to take control of your website management without having to rely on third parties.

WordPress websites - easy, safe, SEO friendly

WordPress websites are considered the best because they are simple to use, safe, and SEO-friendly

If built properly, a WordPress website is extremely easy to manage. You will not need advanced knowledge to use it, but our expert team will deliver a comprehensive training session anyway, just to make sure that you gain the confidence and skills to swiftly manage your new website.

At NIU we specialise in building WordPress websites in a modular manner. This, to ensure a longer website lifetime and gradual cost versus optimisation ratio. On top of that, our Search Engine Optimisation experts offer customised SEO solutions and the most updated proven strategies. The result is an SEO friendly website that’s organised, easy to navigate, and highly responsive.

The fact that WordPress websites are constantly updated with new code and technologies plays a big role in keeping them safe and secure. Furthermore, we monitor your websites every two minutes for uptime, detect DDoS attacks as they happen, have SSL support in place, and proactively stop malicious code from entering your network.

What kind of websites can you make with WordPress?

One of the most common doubts about WordPress is relating to its ability to generate a site that suits your needs. Does WordPress actually have the right solution for everyone?

The answer is yes. There are so many types of websites that can be created with WordPress - the list goes on and on. To name just a few, you could build a corporate website or a blog to publish your recipes; an eCommerce website to boost your sales or a portfolio to showcase your creative work; a booking website for your rental business or an online magazine.

Here are also some WordPress examples of our own:

  1. Benna - the leading processing dairy plant on the Maltese Islands, producing locally fresh milk products. NIU was tasked to design and develop their website to showcase all the products and the brand’s history.
  2. Marsovin - a household name in Malta for producing premium wines. NIU was tasked to redesign and develop their website to incorporate eCommerce.
  3. Environment and Resources Authority - NIU was tasked to update ERA’s website design and development to incorporate additional functionality such as WordPress tools, widgets and customised functionality.
  4. Lovin Malta - NIU was tasked with supporting Lovin Malta with premium hosting, technical support, and development for the group’s many projects.

The WooCommerce plug-in is a great example of how certain add-ons (such as in Ecommerce platforms) can help you build a better WordPress website

If you want to have a hassle-free eCommerce website that is easy to integrate and maintain, WordPress and WooCommerce are the only two important things you need.

The WooCommerce plug-in is a great eCommerce tool for your wordpress website

Used on more than 3.3 million eCommerce websites around the world, WooCommerce plug-in combines ease of use with incredible power, flexibility, speed, security and stunningly brilliant features which adapt to your business needs. That’s why we’re proud to be WooCommerce ambassadors.

Is Google Cloud Hosting good for WordPress websites & how does it work?

It’s easy to get lost in today’s web hosting offerings. There are many low-cost hosting options out there, but so is the service you will get. Knowing the importance of web hosting we only promote the best level of hosting possible as we are not willing to leave our clients’ reputation to chance.

How do we classify great website hosting? With cloud hosting the infrastructure is built on virtual machines, rather than servers, making launching a new virtual machine a much faster and more efficient process. We believe this is a big plus, as network connectivity issues are also a major reason for server downtime.

Cloud hosting minimises the risk of having such problems thanks to live migration of virtual machines between host computers. This will allow your business to run 24 x 7 with minimal performance disruptions. Google is known for having one of the fastest and most powerful networks and using their service allows our customers' sites to remain performing super-fast throughout.

Another benefit of cloud hosting is distributed storage. This means that your site data is not stored on a single physical machine and is not lost if this machine's hardware has problems. Most importantly, one site does not effect another, and this is key!

A WordPress website combined with Google cloud hosting is the recipe for smooth and worry-free website management

At NIU we offer a top-of-the-line cloud hosting solution with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, high-level security, incredible website loading speed and daily backups. We offer you a website staging platform throughout and we’re even notified if your site loading speed changes from time to time, allowing us to help you maintain your website more efficiently.

Digital Marketing is another crucial element to your brand’s (online) success

If you are one of those companies that still doesn't have a digital marketing strategy and think you don’t need one, think again. Lack of a digital marketing strategy can literally make or break your business, and here’s one very good reason:

Companies without a digital marketing strategy usually don’t have a clearly defined online goal - whether it is gaining new clients or maintaining relationships with existing ones. In other words, if your competitor is doing it - which they are - you need to want to do it better or lose out over time.

It’s true that marketing might be the biggest challenge that a small business can face, however, if done right the benefits are many. For instance, a digital marketing strategy increases brand awareness and exposure, which in return generates traffic, leads and sales, finds you more loyal customers and grows your customer base.

As we have all learnt this year, having a sustainable online presence has become key to your business’ lifespan, especially in times of uncertainty and social distancing. For some businesses, it has been harder than for others – but we can certainly help.

Want to find out what WordPress can do for your brand?

No matter the industry and size of your business, a well-crafted online presence is what will help you sustain and expand your business objectives.

Whether you need to build a website from scratch, have an old one that needs to be redesigned or have an idea that’s still in its inception, our team of professionals can offer you the level of support you need. Get in touch with us for a discussion (& coffee) with no obligation 👇

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