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All of Malta is grilling Wudy sausages – are you?

All of Malta is grilling Wudy sausages – are you?

Our clients love online games and admittedly here at NIU, we do too! Coming up with a game concept together with our clients and our pool of designers and developers is one of the best parts of our day at NIU – and this Summer, it’s just getting better and better.

To date we’ve launched a series of very successful social media games including the Yellow Pages World Cup Juggling competition, the Yogabella Challenge, the Hello Joy game (to mention a few) – social media users won thousands of euros worth of prizes, our clients enjoyed some ground breaking online exposure and the NIU team loved every minute – now that’s what we can a Win Win Win! and now we’re proud to present the Wudy Grill off!

Thousands have played already and social media is literally going Wudy crazy. We can’t blame social media enthusiasts for taking this grill off seriously – more like extremely seriously – there are some great prizes up for grabs every week – and the grand prize is super! A 1000euros voucher from The Point Shopping Complex – now don’t you want to roll up your sleeves and try your luck at the Wudy Grill off too?

Rules and competition details may be viewed HERE. Happy grilling…. oh and happy Summer from all of us at NIU.