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Advanced GDPR Module

advanced gdpr module

The GDPR is a new data protection law in the EU. It came into force towards the end of May 2018. The aim is to provide citizens of the EU with greater control over their personal data and contribute towards the change of attitude of worldwide organisations towards data privacy. NIU is on hand to lend its expertise in assisting you in making sure your website is GDPR compliant.

Since its inception, GDPR compliance has been on everyone’s radar and we are now supplying a new module that will help you get started on the right foot or better cope with ongoing changes. Our Advanced GDPR Module will provide you with the ability to give your users the control they require to manage what and how you track them. In turn, your brand will benefit from improved user experience and transparency.

What does this Advanced GDPR Module do?

Supported Regions

Firstly, it contains EU-optimised settings and supported regions. Governments around the world are working on increasingly stricter privacy legislation. This Advanced GDPR Module initiates auditing and matching with ever-changing privacy legislation around the EU countries. Updates are frequently added on an ongoing basis.

Legal Documents

The module also generates validated legal documents correctly at all times. The dynamically generated pages are automatically updated in case new versions are found, or if the legislation itself for a specific region is updated. It also updates the Cookie Policy automatically should new ones be created on the site and legislation is required for them.

Consent Management 

The Advanced GDPR Module also contains a fine-grained Consent Management tool that seeks acceptance for Cookies that require consent for the visitor’s region. This can be either opt-in, opt-in (including statistics), opt-out, or with no banner at all. Cookies and scripts are blocked or fired, based on the required consent level.

advanced gdpr module

Cookie Banner

A highly customisable cookie banner with templates for several regions are specifically designed to adapt to privacy laws. To prevent the overload of information, we have designed the banners to create a user experience that is simple and fast, whilst presenting the user with an unambiguous and informative banner.

Script Center

While we pride ourselves on standard integrations for the most popular services and modules, we also provide the possibility to block and enable one’s own scripts and modules as desired.


This module is fully integrated with WordPress’ locale management and fully translated into over 39 locales. This means that the back-end menus will very likely be translated into a given native language. Also, the cookie banner and legal documents are translated to the same native language following the same basis.

Support & Updates

This NIU product integrates with a wide variety of modules and services. Once configured, NIU will work with most of your modules and embedded content out of the box. Our tech support is at your disposal to help prepare your website for privacy legislation around the globe, while our developers shall be working continuously, adding amazing features to further improve your consent management. Ultimately, our legal advisory department will remain vigilant on changing privacy legislation.

This is one of many modules that you can integrate within your site, others can be for example eCommerce add-ons, lead-generation add-ons, and monitoring add-ons for improvements. An example of another module to improve UI/UX would be usability testing. All these features will not only drive that traffic towards your website but it will contain great user-flow throughout. NIU is there to guide you through the entire process of designing and developing your website, you can also integrate multiple modules in order to develop the best website for your brand.

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