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10 Ways to Get More People to Like your Facebook Page

10 Ways to Get More People to Like your Facebook Page

There are over 3 million active facebook pages, and these pages are gaining millions of new fans every day. Here are the tips to generate some Likes:

Post a Status Update

Post a status update mentioning your facebook page. Don’t be afraid to outright ask people to join your page. Ask and you shall receive. Give them a great reason why they should join, tell them news, or find a creative way to mention and link to your page.

Offer an incentive for people to Like the Page

We can help you create a landing page and an advertising campaign on Facebook to attract people to like your page. An incentive can help attract lots of people to like the page. The more valuable your incentive is, the more people will be compelled to click the “Like” button to access it. Examples of such incentives can be found below:

Install a Like Box on your Website

Installing a “Like Box” is an excellent way to allow visitors to your site become fans without even leaving your page.

Suggest your page to Friends

Use the “suggest to friends” feature of your page. Use this feature sparingly. We think that inviting a person once is enough since it annoys the people with multiple requests…

Email Signature

Every email you send is an opportunity to link to your Facebook page.

Create a memorable URL

If you go to facebook.com/username you will be able to create a custom URL for your page. Remember that you cannot change this URL once it is set, so choose wisely.

Deliver an exceptional experience

Although facebook pages are no longer officially considered “fan pages” if you work to create fans of your brand many of them will certainly seek out and join your facebook page. Strive to deliver an awesome experience for those who interact with your brand. Go above and beyond when engaging with your community and they will spread the word. A famous article called 1,000 true fans maintains that they are all you need to create a thriving business. Don’t try just to get people to click “like” but instead seek to create raving true fan who will spread your word far and wide.

Flip the funnel

Drive your fans back to your website for new posts and news. Make sure that your website has social sharing and many of your fans will “like” your posts and tweet it out to their followers on twitter as well.

Track your growth with Facebook insights

Facebook insights shows you how many fans you have over time, and some fairly detailed demographic information as well. Using this knowledge you can analyze what activities drive the most growth, and then duplicate your success.

Get an attractive profile picture

A picture says a thousand words, so to really optimize your business page you should use a well designed profile picture.

If you would like some help with creating the perfect page for your fans do not hesitate to contact us or get in touch.Article adapted from: http://facebookflow.com/get-more-facebook-page-likes/