How can you secure your funding?

NIU are proud to announce that we are an eligible company that will support you on your journey to get that funding for your website. Eligibility for funding is only one piece of the puzzle. Another important step is properly sourcing companies that make websites and ensuring they will help you be successful in your application. When looking for companies to develop your website, it is vital to contract trusted companies that make websites which are tailor made for your specific business needs, which also ensure that you get the most out of this important medium. However, finding and deciding between the large plethora of companies that make websites is quite a challenge. 

We at NIU also believe in helping accommodate our clients to the best of our ability. It is safe to say that we offer more expertise and support to our clients than the average companies that make websites. We also provide flexible payment terms where necessary. You can find out more detailed information in our insight article about EU funding for e-businesses. 

funding for your website

Micro Invest

The first scheme on the list is the Micro Invest. This encourages businesses such as start-ups, family businesses and self-employed to invest in their business, in order to promote innovation, expansion and the development of their operations.

This measure has existed since the 1st of January 2014 and has supported local businesses through a tax credit calculated as a percentage of eligible expenditure and wages costs. Malta Enterprise will approve a tax credit equivalent to 45% of eligible expenditure. An additional bonus of 20% (that is a total of 65% tax credit) applies to undertakings operating from Gozo. You can find more information on eligibility and applying here.

The objective of this scheme is to encourage undertakings to invest in their business, innovate, expand, and implement compliance directives or to develop their operations. Such undertakings which may include self-employed persons and will be supported through a tax credit representing a percentage of the eligible expenditure and wages of newly recruited employees.

One of the investments a business can make is a new website or a website re-design. We can help you with the application process apart from developing your brand new website.

funding for your website

ERDF eCommerce Grant

The Business Enhance European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Grant Schemes support enterprises which seek to undertake investment projects. These ERDF schemes are aimed at securing sustainable business growth, by becoming more competitive, innovative and adapting to market challenges.

The ERDF focuses on the integration of e-Commerce through online sales which will enable enterprises to open up their business to new markets. More info about the ERDF can be found here.

In a nutshell: the design, development, implementation and delivery of an e-commerce website and/or mobile application.

The following items are all considered as an eligible expense:

  • Domain name registration
  • Hosting fees
  • Content Management System (CMS) software including required licenses
  • eCommerce Website and/or Mobile Application design in line with the brand identity of the organisation
  • Shopping Cart integration
  • Other Set-up fees (including setting up and configuration of the CMS system, system design, and more).

Business Re-Engineering & Transformation Scheme

The Business Re-Engineering and Transformation Scheme was developed to support small and medium sized businesses so that they will have the capacity to realign their business activity, restructure their employees and enhance their product and/or service practices.

The Business Re-Engineering and Transformation Scheme will be awarded in the form of a cash grant that will cover 50% of the costs incurred up to a maximum grant of €5,000 per advisory service per undertaking. Your business can only be supported through this scheme once in an 18-month period and this incentive shall be available until 31st December 2023. You can find more information on eligibility and applying here.

Change to Grow 2021

Change to Grow 2021 is a newly releases scheme that enhances the already established Business Re-engineering and Transformation scheme mentioned above. Change to Grow 2021 is set to be widened to include self-employed and micro enterprises.

Specific resources will be dedicated to support scheme take-up. Although more information is set to be released in the coming weeks, we know that the aid offered for this grant is said to double the capacity from €5,000 to €10,000 for implemented projects. You can keep a lookout for more information about the new scheme here.

How can NIU help you secure your funding?

We have also done a number of CSR campaigns in the past, where we created the following websites for some important causes that are close to our heart. 

Realistically, there are an endless number of reasons why investing in your business is important. Having to worry about the expenses associated with developing your business can be draining. These grants and schemes will provide you with a great chance to focus on the important things which take your business to the next level.

Whether you need to build a brand new website, have an old one that needs to be revamped or have an idea that’s still in its early stages, we’ve got you covered. Our team can offer you our exclusive web design and development services.

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