Explore our Frequently Asked Questions

No, each web application is hosted within a dedicated virtual container running on a cloud platform. This means that the performance or security of other web applications will not affect yours and vice-versa.
We always implement SEO best practices for every website. We also offer an advanced SEO module to add on to your website in addition to strategic SEO services.
Yes NIU has a wealth of experience in SEO and digital marketing that are designed to rank your website on search engines.
Yes you will be notified when an order is placed. We can work together to implement the necessary notifications for your eCommerce store.
Each website is hosted at a data centre within the EU keeping it GDPR compliant. Other data centers outside the EU are also available depending on where your target audience is located.
Your eCommerce website will be able to support unlimited products
Designed to support Micro Enterprises, Small Enterprises, Medium-sized Enterprises, the e-Commerce Grant Scheme supports investment towards the design, development, implementation and delivery of an e-commerce website and/or a mobile application, or an upgrade of an existing website or mobile application to enable online sales/bookings. It’s a maximum grant of €5,000, part-financing of up to 50% of eligible expenditure. We can help you with the application.
Your website will be able to accept all major credit cards and can integrate the payment gateway of your choice.
Yes, you can integrate your eCommerce site with your stock management system. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way.
We offer a GDPR module that ensures your website follows GDPR laws.
Yes we offer a newsletter module where you can send mass emails to your subscribers.
We offer branding services including logos, branding, print design, digital and animation. Contact us to learn more.
Yes, you will be able to update the website content. After the development phase, we will invite you and your team over for a training session where we teach you the ins and outs of running your website.
Yes, a snapshot of each web application including its data is taking daily and retained for 30 days.
We do daily updates of your website to ensure your website has the utmost security and performance.
We offer round-the-clock support and daily updates for our clients on maintenance and support agreements. We’ll get you up and running in no time.
Yes, we can provide you with ongoing maintenance and support. Get in touch with us to talk about a maintenance agreement for your website.
Yes, you are free to move on to another hosting and support provider at any time.
Yes, we are pros at transforming old software applications into modernized solutions. Our team of experts can help you with a bespoke solution to meet your requirements. Contact us to schedule a complimentary strategy session.
Yes, we design and build custom web applications. Learn more about our process and get in touch with us to discuss your particular needs.
Yes, your data is 100% secure. We follow GDPR guidelines very strictly.
You own the rights to both the application developed and its data.
Yes, we are specialized in converting websites to modern frameworks including migrating and converting a website from Drupal or Joomla.
Our clients live around the world. We are based in Malta with an international team from 6 countries and growing. No matter where you are positioned, NIU is your team.