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Register your .mt domain for free

for Register your .mt domain for free at NIU Ltd.

Entities holding a (third-level) domain can now register a .mt (second-level) domain for free during the Preferential Registration Period.

The Network Information Centre Malta, also known as NIC(Malta), is a non-profit Foundation which is responsible for the Maltese domains. It is also the registry for the Maltese domain names. NIC(Malta) is implementing changes in its domain name registration policy. Through the new policy, you can now register domain names at the second level, directly to the left of .mt, for example, Registrations of third level domain names will remain possible.

During the Preferential Registration Period registration of second-level domains will be free of charge as long as the remains validly registered. Similarly, when registering a second-level domain during the same period, you would be entitled to a third-level domain at no extra charge. All existing and validly registered third level domain names that have been registered before 1 June 2016 (e.g. will have its corresponding second level domain name (e.g. blocked. During this time, these may only be unblocked upon request of the corresponding third-level domain holder. The Preferential Registration Period will end on the 30th of November 2020. More information about the new Domain Name Registration Policy may be found here.

Through this policy change, Malta will be following similar changes happening across the world. A wider choice of domains will be available. At the same time, it will also allow simpler and shorter domain names. Furthermore, inappropriate labelling will be avoided. The domains will no longer be required to be categorised by their business natures. Examples of these would be .com (commercial), .net (internet related services), .edu (educational), .org (non-profit organisations) and .gov (governmental).

How can we help you in getting a .mt domain?

NIU can assist you in maintaining your domains as your technical agent. Should you be interested, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help you.