Your seamless digital experience starts here

Search, Social, Content, Commerce, Media & Mobile
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Your seamless digital experience starts here

Search, Social, Content, Commerce, Media & Mobile

Data-driven marketing is the essential first step
to a deeper connection with your customer

Research & Insight
We’ll research your industry in depth and propose solutions of how you can translate customer insights and big data into initiatives that drive growth and profits.
We design an integrated marketing short term and long term strategy which will make your clients want and need your brand.
Engagement & Optimisation
Thanks to our in-house team of digital marketing experts your company will achieve better outcomes, engage more effectively with your customers and enhance brand loyalty.

We've got you covered

Our Features

    NIU’s digital team will design an effective social media strategy ensuring that your campaign reaches your target audience and gives you the brand presence you're looking for. We'll also handle all your design work making sure that your brand collateral is powerful and attractive.


    Email marketing has never been this powerful! This cost effective tool allows you to share your brand's latest news with your client database. A strong subject line and impressive content will turn your followers into loyal brand ambassadors.


    SEO is at the heart of any successful business. Our team of experts designs strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the amount of visitors to your website and make sure that your brand obtains a high ranking placement in the most relevant search engines.


    Our in-house team of creative writers will translate the power of your brand into meaningful stories and create beautiful content for your website, blog, social media adverts, promotional material, press releases and more ensuring that words become your most powerful weapon and transform readers into loyal clientele.

    Mobile Version

    Mobile purchasing is an upward trend and is changing the world of ecommerce, and all customers have access to any brand at the press of a button. Google have put a big emphasis on mobile user experience and it is now heavily influencing mobile search rankings. Implementing an effective mobile UX strategy is critical and thanks to the NIU team your brand is in good hands.

    Analytics Optimisation

    No matter the size of your enterprise, every business needs an analytics customisation strategy which will give you the outstanding results you're looking for. From creating custom and analyzing reports, to segmenting your audiences, setting up campaign tracking and designing modifications specifically for your brand the NIU team won't skip a bit and will give you the edge you want.

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Converting passive website visitors into active clients is no easy feat and the NIU team has got it down to an art. Carefully designed CRO strategies will improve metrics which are essential key performance indicators for your business success. CRO is fundamental and the NIU team has got you covered.

    Managed Support

    The NIU Support Team will have your back during the complete implementation team process and beyond. Our friendly team will give you the confidence and skills to master your online presence as well as a helping hand whenever you're stuck. Send us an email and you'll hear back from us in a snap.

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