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Website Development for Erste Lesung Group

Website Development for Erste Lesung Group
NIU was recently approached by the Erste Lesung group, an international client, to aid in the development of their new website.
NIU developed the elegantly designed website for this fast paced, forward thinking company that required a slick, pixel perfect website.


NIU was recently approached by the Erste Lesung group, an international client who is based in Germany, to aid in the development of their brand-new website. This fast paced, forward thinking company required a slick, pixel perfect website from which their group of highly skilled experts who are dedicated to analysing the ins, outs and impacts of political discourse upon businesses, could provide services to their clientele in the most efficient manner possible. In the course of delivering tailor-made, advanced SEO solutions for the Erste Lesung group, NIU provided this international client with both a GDPR Module and a Multilingual Module – both integral to the success of this clients’ website.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of current political affairs and developments within society and public life is always key to a new business project being successful. Erste Lesung are experts in advising on the potential impact of political matters upon businesses and business idea. Sometimes, without even knowing, an individual business or business idea becomes heavily entangled in particular political agendas and regulations.


Advanced SEO Module

In order to reach a wider, increasingly more diverse audience and extend the reach of their services within their broad field of expertise, Erste Lesung commissioned NIU to provide them with a scope of advanced SEO services in the development of their website. Here at NIU we dedicated a great deal of time in carefully analysing and auditing the existing architecture of Erste Lesung’s website, so as to deliver the tailor-made SEO solutions which this company needed. 

In addition to carrying out this careful analysis, NIU delivered high-level messaging solutions, value proposition & social media integration services, to support the Erste Lesung group to reach their target audience more easily and with greater efficiency. Upon closely researching keywords which are integral to the functionality and range of Erste Lesung’s services, NIU were better able to provide a content strategy which best suited the specific needs of this group.

Additional Modules

GDPR module

Here at NIU we understand that being GDPR compliant in todays’ world is of the utmost importance to any company, and a company of Erste Lesung’s stature is no different. Consumer consent is a key part of GDPR legislation and it is important for any website that collects personal data, such as Erste Lesung, to obtain specific permission to use it in the course of carrying out their business.

This means being absolutely transparent about obtaining personal information from your website visitors. At NIU we were able to provide Erste Lesung with a GDPR module which efficiently and safely uses the data of its’ website users within the parameters of GDPR legislation.

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