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Website development & integration with a VLE for The Malta Health Group

for Website development & integration with a VLE for The Malta Health Group at NIU Ltd.
The Malta Health Training Group required a new website with integration to a Virtual Learning Environment.
NIU developed just that and integrated with an expertly designed learning management system for The Malta Health Group.


Offering the very best in healthcare services is of the utmost importance to any healthcare professional and the Malta Health Training Group recognises this. Under the auspices of the Ministry for Health, the Malta Health Training Group aims to upskill and broaden the skillset of their already richly qualified health care professionals, from a range of medical backgrounds and expertise, with non-technical skills.

The range of courses on offer helps to boost effective internal communication, teamwork skills and communication and collaborative efforts between employees engaged in a number of different healthcare services across Malta. The overriding objective of The Malta Health Training Group is to continue to ensure the high level of care, safety and satisfaction experienced by healthcare patients and service users in Malta, whilst boosting the job satisfaction and training prospects of healthcare employees. Using a learning management system developed by NIU, together with the Student Campus Group, makes the achievement of this objective all the more possible.


Learning Management System

We recognise just how important an effective and well organised Learning Management System is for a client such as The Malta Health Training Group. This Learning Management System, developed with The Student Campus Group, provides for learning environmental structures which are not easily accessible but possible to manage in a swift and professional manner. The maintenance of user roles is seamlessly managed, with a learning experience which becomes enjoyable, goal oriented, effective and cooperative. Features such as a system calendar, role management options and reminder notification options ensure a learning management system which is consistent in its delivery and efficiency.

Virtual Learning Environment

Website Design

LMS Integration

Creating a learning environment which is effective, easy to use and enjoyable for participants is critical in any virtual learning environment design. For the Malta Health Training Group, we at NIU together with The Student Campus Group have designed an environment which truly meets these objectives. This virtual learning environment allows teams of administrators to set up classes whilst monitoring and analysing data. Educators have the ability to easily access and manage their resources which they can easily customise and revise.

This system offers excellent content management features which allows educators to build and share their resources with fellow educators. Grading classroom tasks, tests and assessments is simply managed, as is having control over participant attendance. Parents and guardians can also follow and monitor a participant’s progress, whilst the participants themselves can gain access to all class notes, presentations and resources as and when they so desire.

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