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Development of Attard Bros Group’s Corporate Website

for Development of Attard Bros Group’s Corporate Website at NIU Ltd.
NIU has been assigned to deliver a sophisticated corporate website for Attard Bros Group.
NIU was responsible for the development of Attard Bros Group’s corporate website as well as implementing various important modules such as a newsletter, and a vacancy webpage.

The Brief

For over 40 years, Attard Bros has taken centre stage in the construction industry, by means of their investment into new technologies and their process of transforming the built environment. Their philosophy as a company has always been to consistently promote quality and timely delivery and they continue to reinforce these values in their work.

Corporate Website

High-quality corporate websites are our specialty at NIU. When it comes to creating a great corporate website, NIU gives a lot of importance to a website’s functionality, and the Attard Bros Group’s website was certainly no exception. That is, our developers are experts at creating corporate websites that convey information in a clear and detailed fashion. So it was important that all information on the corporate website be easily accessible and effectively communicated.


In the process of website development, it is of vital importance that the websites we create are easy to navigate as well as being fun to use. This is key because it keeps visitors interested and makes them curious to learn more, encouraging them to make further their interactions with the company. Nowadays, when great importance is given to the User Interface and User Experience, the company will continuously reap the rewards.

Additional Modules



Another important facet of this particular website’s development is its GDPR compliance. The NIU team places this at the forefront. This is because Europe’s imminent privacy overhaul means that we all have to become more diligent about what data we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it.We are very aware of and do our best to adhere to the new data protection laws that came into force in 2018.

This is important to us because we believe in the idea of giving EU citizens greater control over their personal data and the significance in changing the attitude of worldwide organisations towards data privacy as a whole. In fact, we have assisted a number of clients with the undertaking of making their websites fully GDPR compliant.

Another aspect which NIU addressed thoroughly when it comes to corporate website development is the GDPR compliance issue. We have adhered to all the new data protection laws that came into force in 2018 and we have assisted countless clients in making their websites fully GDPR compliant.

In the website development of this particular website, we were sure to add a newsletter section. Newsletters allow companies to connect with their target audience on a regular basis, and on a level that could never be reached with one hundred and forty characters on Social Media platforms like Twitter. This then helps you develop trust and loyalty.

By means of newsletter marketing, companies can send informational and product-focused content to their subscriber list of potential and existing customers. This keeps their brand top-of-mind for consumers, as well as notifying readers of products that may interest them.

Newsletters are also of particular significance to NIU clients as our newsletter systems are capable of integrating well with our website’s Content Management System, making it easy for clients to manage their mailing list, create engaging emails, and so on. All our newsletter modules are also GDPR compliant.

Vacancy module

Another vital component in every website is its vacancy section. That is why, during the website development process, we were sure to integrate this section. This is a crucial part of a website while one is in the development process because not only is the corporate website geared towards driving results. However, hiring the right talent is also key to driving results. But without a great career page, you’re unlikely to spark interest from top talent.

That is why, during the website development process, NIU made it a point to build a clear vacancies webpage which speaks to builders looking to make an impact. This includes full Job descriptions which define the principal roles and responsibilities of each position and the role they play in Attard Bros Group.

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