UncleMattsKitchen's Tasty Website

A youthful but elegant website for UncleMattsKitchen.

:: Intro

The client required a casual, youthful website for their restaurant that allows online ordering and provides their customers with all the information they require about food and services. 

:: Challenge

The challenge was to create a website that could look stylish while still being an approachable, homely venue that isn't too "fine-dining" and formal.
The customers can also order their meal online or book a table from the website.

:: Design

The design we chose for this website is full of youthful elements, from the color to the illustrations on the background. The use of the script font gives the feeling of "hand-made", just like the delicious dishes you can find in the UncleMattsKitchen restaurant. You can find in the Homepage the reviews from the customers and easily order or book a table thanks to the intuitive User Interface.

:: Website Preview