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State of the art yet simple to use website for Peerment

for State of the art yet simple to use website for Peerment at NIU Ltd.
The NIU team was commissioned by Peerment to create a website which is easy-to-use, which puts their values to the forefront.
The Peerment website which NIU created focuses on the Education for Sustainable Development through the various resources and events it provides in order to further this cause.

The Brief

Peerment is a project coordinated by the University of Malta through its Centre for Environmental Education and Research (CEER). This project is centered around laying out, testing and disseminating a new model of Mentoring and Peer-Mentoring for ESD. Teachers’ training is a crucial tool for school innovation and improvement. Mentoring and Peer-Mentoring are among the most effective ways of staff.

In fact, the UN came up with a sustainable development agenda in 2015 which requires that more emphasis is placed on dealing with issues such as poverty, and the environment. Lifelong learning and education are key to this vision. The aim of this agenda is that by 2030, all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). This cause is vital as ESD is becoming increasingly important, especially for new generations who are set to face dramatic global challenges in the years to come.


When it comes to UI & UX design, the NIU team created an easy-to-use and informative website which provides resources educators like Guidelines for the training of Education Specialists. In the web design process, we were sure to include various WebQuests that will serve a resource for teachers who want to integrate ESD in their teaching.

Web Design

Design Elements

Functional Design

Our digital agency gives a lot of importance to a website’s functionality and design. This is particularly true in the case of Peer Ment. Our digital agency hosts expertly skilled web designers who develop websites which not only go hand in hand with our clients’ goals, but that express their values. This project is undertaken by around 20 Education Specialists who act as teacher’s trainers and senior mentors, and about 50 teachers which act as mentors who set up Local Testing Groups.

We were sure to highlight their important events during the web design process, in the creation of their website. In fact, the website is made in such a way that it places the invaluable resources and essential news which visitors need at the forefront. This is done by means of a search bar at the top and the bottom of the homepage, which highlights the convenience factor and ensures that visitors don’t have to waste time scrolling through pages to find what they are searching for.

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