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Seed Corporate Web Design and Development

for Seed Corporate Web Design and Development at NIU Ltd.
Seed came to NIU to develop a corporate website for their consultancy firm.
Seed needed a fresh and well-structured website to showcase their professional services and NIU was tasked with web design and web development.

A well-structured website.

Seed Consultancy needed a website with strong UX and information hierarchy to showcase their professional services. The website needed to be accessible for all users which the NIU team implemented with an accessibility widget.

Typography & Colours.

Strong typography and a minimal colour palette was use on the Seed Consultancy website.

Mirador & Raleway

Mirador and Raleway are modern fonts specifically designed for web. When used together on SEED Consultancy website, it is a great font combination.

Mirador is a powerful neoclassical font family designed for various usages — ranging from editorial and corporate design to web, interaction and product design. It is a contemporary take on high contrast typefaces that have never gone out of style — defined by elegance, tradition and timelessness. Although Mirador seems to be a display font at first glance, its proportions and design reveal a powerful and characteristic workhorse when set in smaller sizes.

  1. #ff5d00
  2. #007c73
  3. #000000
  4. #ffffff


Responsive Development.

"Working with NIU was a pleasure. They understood our requirements and where ready to take on-board our comments and suggestions. They delivered a finished product which was technically robust and which looked good. The website was very well received from people who accessed it and commented it on the design but on the ease of use too. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with NIU to build our digital presence."
JP Fabri :: Partner

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