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Road to Belle Web Design and Development

Road to Belle came to NIU to redesign and develop an eCommerce website.
NIU was tasked with rebranding, designing and developing a health and beauty website.

Feminine, warm and empowering

Road to Belle aims to help people in improving their health and overall lifestyle by overcoming overeating. This website consists of daily blogs and educational videos, and a small shop with products and courses. NIU was tasked with bringing a strong creative element to the web design with an effective user experience.   

Typography & Colours.

The typography and colours were essential to give a feminine, warm and inviting presence.

Sofia Pro

Sofia Pro is used as the primary typeface for the Road to Belle branding. The typeface gives the impression of both modernism, harmony and roundness. These nuances give Sofia a harmonious and sensible appearance.

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup is a modern calligraphy script that is completely distinctive and original and works as a personal touch in titles.
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"I cannot be happier with the work from NIU! I am extremely impressed by the service, quality and working strategy this company offers. I hired them for the development of my website and they have satisfied me to the full by delivering the exceptional solution. Their expertise and very professional work ethic was what drew me to them immediately and I can say I was not disappointed. The whole team is highly dedicated and attentive, and they honestly care a lot about their client's needs. They took care of the project from start to finish providing me with gorgeous artwork and branding and a great quality finished product. They developed exactly what I wanted and guided me when I needed advice. With a great eye for detail & a great understanding. Highly recommended."
Marisabelle Bonnici :: Director
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