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Perfectly designed eCommerce, Web Design and Development for Road to Belle

for Perfectly designed eCommerce, Web Design and Development for Road to Belle at NIU Ltd.
Road to Belle got in touch to design and develop their Malta-based eCommerce site which promotes a range of health and wellness courses.
The final product was a warm, welcoming site that showcased the brand’s core values and encourages repeat visits through its blog and video sections.

Feminine, warm and empowering

Road to Belle is a one-woman brand that’s on a mission to help people overcome their anxieties caused by body image, weight and health issues. Founded by director Marisabelle Bonnici, Road to Belle developed a two-pronged business plan from the very start. One, to foster a sense of community among clients and followers through the creation of original educational content. And two, to market and sell a range of bespoke wellness courses.

The Brief

NIU was tasked with bringing a strong creative element to both the Road to Belle brand and website. Road to Belle was particularly interested in creating a customer-facing website that featured an easily-updatable blog and video portal section as well as an effective eCommerce platform to help drive sales.

NIU’s team of developers and creatives are never happier than when faced with an open canvas, free to establish and guide a brand’s identity through the launch of a new website—the ideal digital calling card for any new business.



NIU understands that different online businesses require different eCommerce functionality. Selling a wellness coaching course is not the same as selling physical goods, and the webstore needs to accurately reflect this. That’s why there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach with us. For the Road to Belle eCommerce platform, we purposefully created product pages that could cater for lengthier course descriptions. These customisable pages make it easy for Road to Belle to list the many tangible benefits of their courses, explain what clients can expect to achieve by enrolling, and demonstrate how the offering works. Add To Cart buttons and prices remain clearly visible on every product page. The Road to Belle web store features a simple-to-navigate UI/UX that helps convert interested leads into paying customers. And as with all of NIU’s eCommerce solutions, we guarantee flexibility, mobile-optimisation, and reliable payment security.

Typography & Colours.

The typography and colours were essential to give a feminine, warm and inviting presence.


Whether you’re still finding your branding feet or already have an established style guide, NIU’s designers are well-versed in all manner of design concepts, both classic and modern. No matter the project, we are capable of bringing the best out of any brand’s identity.

Road To Belle didn’t possess a definitive style guide when they approached us. Our designers were set the task of establishing a clear tone for the brand, one that looked and felt feminine, inviting and empowering.

We experimented with a variety of palettes, ultimately settling on a mix of blush, silvery mauves and coral reds. The colour scheme immediately summons Road To Belle’s core values of wellness and healthy living to mind.

We opted to use Sofia Pro as the website’s primary typeface. This nuanced font gives an impression of modernism, harmony and roundness, which we offset with a healthy dose of Tomato Soup. This modern calligraphy script is utterly distinctive and adds a personal touch to titles and sign offs.

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"I cannot be happier with the work from NIU! I am extremely impressed by the service, quality and working strategy this company offers. I hired them for the development of my website and they have satisfied me to the full by delivering the exceptional solution. Their expertise and very professional work ethic was what drew me to them immediately and I can say I was not disappointed. The whole team is highly dedicated and attentive, and they honestly care a lot about their client's needs. They took care of the project from start to finish providing me with gorgeous artwork and branding and a great quality finished product. They developed exactly what I wanted and guided me when I needed advice. With a great eye for detail & a great understanding. Highly recommended."
Marisabelle Bonnici :: Director
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