Revamping a Tech News Portal

Anchovy & NIU were tasked with the new Gadgets website design.

:: Intro

Gadgets, a popular tech news portal commissioned Anchovy & NIU to revamp their existing platform to cater for the added traffic, mobile responsiveness and an easy-to-use backend content management system.

:: Challenge

The main purpose was to create a website that balances innovation with a complete makeover. Therefore, the team opted for an innovative and fresh design which is still true to the Gadget’s core mission and identity; a modern, tech-savvy platform for the techies as well as everyday users.

:: Website

The technology portal needed to be user-friendly and seamless across all platforms to view the latest news. The back-end content management system was built with Gadget’s requirements in mind, making it as simple and quick as possible to manage and update the portal on a day-to-day basis.

:: Featured Video

This transformation process can be performed on existing websites as well as newly developed websites.