Redefining a Top-tier, Legal Brand

Camilleri Preziosi Advocates engaged NIU to deliver a new website & brand identity, which lived up to their mission and ethos more clearly. 


:: Intro

In business, clear and practical advice can often be the catalyst for success. 

This is what defines Camilleri Preziosi Advocates, as a firm which is deeply committed to understanding the needs of their clients such that it can offer the most ideal and tailored solutions and professional guidance.

Camilleri Preziosi’s mission is to assist and navigate businesses beyond uncertainty through knowledge, passion, versatility & experience.  With the intention to reflect this through their digital presence, CP approached ANCHOVY. & NIU to form a new and modern brand identity which lived up to their mission and represented their ethos more clearly. 


:: What we did

We kick-started the rebranding process through a hands-on workshop with Camilleri Preziosi’s management team, which helped us get a clear understanding of their business objectives, goals, vision and any challenges. This allowed us to devise a brand positioning strategy which encapsulated their brand sentiments and transmitted their single- minded value propositions to the market.

:: Brand Positioning

We defined Camilleri Preziosiʼs brand archetype as ʻThe Rulerʼ, which meant that the brand must be perceived as able to provide the world with the security and stability we all desire.

:: Rebranding

We used CPʼs brand characteristics of strength and experience to guide us into their modern and sophisticated new design. After weeks of
exploration, research and sketching, a refined brand emerged.

The branding was inspired by a tree ring. Each ring signifies years of growth and is completely unique. This element formed the basis of the new brand identity, complete with new colors, typography, iconography and photography styles.

:: Website

We launched a completely new website which made way for a unique, attractive and holistic experience, while keeping it simple enough to update and maintain as required. Of fundamental importance was the seamless integration of the company’s rebranding with their new digital platform, ensuring brand consistency across different touch points.

Efforts were also made to ensure that key information such as the profile of the firm’s lawyers were clearly displayed, putting the spotlight on their expertise and specialisation. We realised and emphasised the importance not only of the technical expertise, but also on the firm’s values.

:: Social Media

The best way to maintain a new brand identity comes from within. Our team trained and consulted with Camilleri Preziosiʼs own team to craft and
share the best tailor-made digital practices and social media strategies. The new brand launch was equipped with social media assets to support
the firmʼs new brand identity and proudly share the exciting news of a new era for Camilleri Preziosi.