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Professional hosting, support and maintenance services for Vivendo’s website

for Professional hosting, support and maintenance services for Vivendo’s website at NIU Ltd.
NIU was tasked to bolster Vivendo’s website support as well as perform a number of a vast array of expert maintenance services.
NIU provided top-notch 24/7 website maintenance, ensuring that it has the support it needs to function excellently at all times.

The Brief

Vivendo is a made up of a Malta-based group of companies which offer their services to the Maltese market, as well as that in Cyprus. They specialise in a vast array of technical services, finishing, as well as furnishing with respect to the B2B industry. Their focus lies in three main spheres; Workspaces, Hospitality and Wellness.

Their team offers creative solutions from a range of high quality, affordable and stylish finishings and furniture which are tailored to any environment. Their designs are visually stunning in a home environment but also have the capacity to empower your staff, improve productivity in a work environment, as well as giving that wow factor to your customers.


As part of the process of taking over Vivendo's website, NIU performed a number of quick fixes to improve the website overall look and feel, as well as enhance the user journey. With an inhouse team of designers and developers, this was done in a seamless and timely manner.  

Lift & Shift

With the topic of content management comes the important topic of the different ways and approaches you can take to moving your website, apps and files to the a different hosting. It is safe to say that there is no one-size-fits-all transition for moving an application from your on-premises data center to the cloud. The cheapest and easiest method we use is the lift-and-shift migration approach. Lift and shift migration provides greater flexibility compared to other migration approaches and a wide range of features and services.

Security & Hosting



Every site needs web hosting. Not only that but the fact of the matter is, web hosting is one of the most crucial investments when running a business website. This is because, put simply, web hosting is also related to the storage of the files and information which your website content is made up of. These files are stored on a remote area which is known as a host so it is fundamental to choose a reliable web host which is well-suited to the needs of your website. When it comes to hosting, loading speed is arguably one of the most important factors to address. This is because it greatly affects your presence online, as well as your website traffic. Users stop visiting, bounce, and you’ll lose out on more and more traffic.

With NIU, you’ll never have such issues. Our experts have numerous tools to solve these problems, such as expert file hosting services that give you the web speed you need for the website to perform well at all times. No matter where you host your website, be it on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and so on, our SLA will provide the assurance needed that we will be on top of all WordPress Content Management System upgrades, and ensure that your website is compatible with the most recent browser versions, as well as performing important website security checks and speed checks. Hence, we will provide ongoing support and maintenance 24/7, ensuring that your site is functioning in tip-top shape.

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