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Custom Web Application for Planit Travel Search Engine

for Custom Web Application for Planit Travel Search Engine at NIU Ltd.
Planit came to NIU to develop their travel search engine.
NIU was tasked with the development and advanced integrations of the travel search engine.

Fully fledged booking system with various API integrations.

Established in 1996, Planit Travel Services builds on 40 years of experience delivering a wide range of travel services to its clients both in Malta and abroad. We deliver an online service with a dedicated and experienced offline team, merging technology with real, dependable, human service.

Planit Travel Services also offers an online booking engine that allows full flexibility for clients to explore own travel arrangements for flights, hotel stays and car rental.


Users can find ultimate travel experiences and top destinations on Planit . This is a fully fledged booking system with various API integrations, works on all devices and optimised for user experience.
  1. Search Flights
  2. Top Destinations
  3. Travel Packages
  4. Manage My Bookings


Responsive Development.

"NIU have worked hand in hand with us from the beginning until website launch. They're efficient, professional, and even surprised us with functionalities that we didn't perceive that we would need! Thank you team!"
Antonella Bonavia :: Marketing & Office Operations Manager

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