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Powerful Corporate Website for Philadelphia Holdings

for Powerful Corporate Website for Philadelphia Holdings at NIU Ltd.
Philadelphia Holdings approached NIU to develop their new corporate website with a design that accurately encapsulated the firm’s business focus, values and history.
A corporate website is one of the most powerful branding assets a business can have. NIU knows how to bring out the best of any company through standout web design that enhances your reputation and online presence.

Professional and Welcoming

Philadelphia Holdings is a strategic holdings company and investment partner celebrating nearly 70 years of business. The firm was founded in 1953 with the set-up of a small distillery. Since then it has continued to grow and evolve. Today, the firm operates across the Middle East, Europe and North America from its Malta HQ and has nine core areas of expertise, covering private equity, vineyards and wine making, real estate, renewable energy, and more.

The Brief

Philadelphia Holdings came to NIU in need of a new corporate website. The firm wanted a site that clearly illustrates their key areas of business and mission to secure superior returns for clients.  The new site needed to convey the firm as a global group which is approachable, trustworthy and led by a spirit of integrity. A Philadelphia Holdings brand vision needed to be created to run through the site, bringing together the firm’s values, commitments and heritage.


Optimisation, Hosting & Security

Philadelphia Holdings also benefited from a wealth of behind-the-scenes services that our team offers, all of which come part and parcel with each and every NIU web development.

NIU takes a mobile first approach to all our projects. We ensure that websites are optimised for the latest smart phones and tablets. The same goes for browser compatibility. We thoroughly test all our websites to ensure they function seamlessly on all major web browsers, so that any user from around the world will experience your website without any setbacks.

We take care of your website’s hosting. All of our projects are hosted on a specialised cloud infrastructure maintained exclusively by our team of administrators. Website security also remains a priority with us. That’s why we keep your website protected every step of the way by monitoring it 24/7 for any suspicious activity or potential threats.


Corporate Web Design

Not only do we make your business more visible in the search engines, NIU can also help showcase what it is you do with clarity; demonstrate how you assist clients; and highlight your greatest strengths. We do this through careful consideration of your brand and how that will translate across your website’s design.

For Philadelphia Holdings, we designed a simple, clean layout that conveyed maximum authority. The contrast created between the stark black and whites offset by softer shades of teal helped establish the brand’s corporate tone, one that is equally professional, transparent, and welcoming. 

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